For sale: Lasercut plywood dishing guages.

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  • I made a few of these a while ago, intending to try sell them through either eBay or my Etsy but they are too long to go as a normal parcel with Royal Mail so shipping would be exhorbitant. Thus I have 3 for sale for pickup/delivery in Glasgow. Works with wheels from 700c/29" down to 20", made from laminated plywood (biodegradable/recyclable). Just want to cover my material costs so £10 each.

  • I've also done a nipple shaker box, with slats so you chuck your nipples in, give it a shoogle and they're all sitting the right way up. I'll get a pic up this evening.

  • Here's a still from an Instagram video. Can be branded, decorated to suit. Would do these for £15.

  • shoogle, not used enough!

  • That's a shame about the postage thing, looks like you're on to something there. Could it be redesigned to come apart in the middle and be reassembled to half the package size?

  • Yeah I was thinking about that.

  • M_V Have you looked at shipping using Parcel2Go or some such? I use it all the time for my business for bulky items, reasonable especially if the delivery is non-urgent.

  • I'd take a dishing gauge, free most evenings this weekend. You've got PM

  • I like the look of that dishing gauge. The Park Tools one actually has a little flex. So while its still a great tool (as you'd expect from park Tools). Yours looks like it would be at least as good.

    Some clever way of making it modular, and self assembled, would (as mentioned) make it far more viable. So long as it doesnt add flex.

    Nice work.

  • Hey,

    Dishing Gauge looks good. I would like to take one if they are still going? Perfect timing as I just ordered spokes for a new wheel build!

    I'll send you a PM.


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For sale: Lasercut plywood dishing guages.

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