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  • Old tag - Pedestrian bridge at Waterloo Street over Kingston Bridge

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  • New Tag - Squint real hard to get a lift

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  • Old tag, boat lift(?) bear the squinty bridge.

    Double tagged by me an @wiresmith

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  • New tag, you won’t have to go all the way to Loch Lomond for this one.

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  • (double post)

  • Old tag (disused railway bridge off South Street) and new:

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  • No clue? I know where it is though...

  • Here's a clue: It's next door to some former stained glass windows, across the road from some others, and close to some windows that are decorated once a year.

  • I know where it is, but not sure when I'll be out that way. Special journey maybe....

  • I commute pretty much past it every day, just need to think of the next one...

  • Old tag: Synagogue, Niddrie Road.

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  • New tag: the same, but not anymore.

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  • I think this one was a Christian church, despite the Hebrew...

  • Damn! I thought that was a clever one.

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Glasgow bicycle tag

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