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  • This was the last post in the bicycle tag thread, not sure if Json is/will be on here so I'll repost in his place,

    old - end of the canal, up at Spiers Wharf:

    new - couldn't possilbly be more obvious I don't think:

  • Might need to get involved in this.
    What were the boundary points?

  • What were the boundary points?

    City boundaries I think? There's defo been some posts from outwith that though...

  • I think everything in the old thread was technically within city limits, although not what someone from Glasgow would consider to still be Glasgow (see: Wallace's Well!)

  • Yeah I kind of thought that. The current one, if it's where I think it is, is boarder line city limits.

  • Old - Hawthorn St, think the place might've been called Vogue in the past.

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  • New - Thought I should make it simple.

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  • Has this tag location been used before? Its hard to go back and check the old thread.

  • Sort of, I stood where the shot was taken but my bike wasn't in the same place.

    I propose we reset the count on used locations.

  • My apologies, I tried to check the old thread but couldn't get it on my phone.

  • Does the old forum even still exist? I thought all the urls redirected here now?

  • I propose we reset the count on used locations.

    Probably a good idea since we will probably/hopefully have people joining in now that weren't involved with the old forum.

  • Thought I'd try and get this back on the go again.
    Old tag: looking towards St Georges Mansions from the pedestriasn bridge over the M8.

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  • New Tag: this ruined flint mill is not as remote as it looks.

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  • Excellent @Muddyfox69 glad to see someone getting involved.

  • Yes. It's been a while, but I'm back again. Ha ha.
    Game on!

  • Anybody still out there?

  • I (now) know where that is, will try get it at some point soon.

  • Yeah know where it is, (i think) but not been able to get out on my bike in a few weeks thanks to an injury.

    Hopefully someone will get to this soon.

  • I'll get in about this once I've got a new bike sorted. Been off fixed/ss since 2013. 😂

  • I was out and about today. So old tag is the mill next to the Kelvin where Belmont street crosses.

    New one needs no clues.

  • Old tag - Bellahouston dry ski slope.

    New tag. Horse in an elevator? Once upon a time.

  • heya.

    delurking to play tag, if anyone else is still game?

    the sunset was nice, but the building was in the way:

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  • new tag...

    colour is a clue, but not the colour blue

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  • oopsadaisy

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Glasgow bicycle tag

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