The forum is dead, long live the forum

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  • @bazschmaz yep am a long time member on there

  • Not really. I think it's only a matter of time before it gets deleted.

  • Hurrah!

    Not that I've posted on the old forum in months.

    But still - good to see a new lease of life.

  • end of an era.

  • so, anyways, what is the best thing to do to make sure a post on lfgss targets the glasgow crowd? start the title with glasgow:? or just start a new thread in this section?

  • The latter I would imagine.

  • just start a new thread in this section?


  • The redirects just kicked in.

    Both lead to the Glasgow forum on here.

  • Howdy.... things have changed a bit round here! :)

  • Yip! 😄 I was already registered on Lfgss under my usual forum handle and it seems to have brought this over when the move to Lfgss happened.

  • Gerry!

  • Awesome sauce. Cheers!

  • Lads... Tips hat

  • Nice one

  • Just seen something that made me think, there's maybe some things (rules, expectations etc) that will be a bit different on here compared to when we had our own forum. Not to say there's anything too overbearing or restrictive (you can say fuck and bugger as much as you please), but probably a good idea that anyone that's new to using has a look at the rules.

    Velocio and the other mods will probably give us a degree of leeway for stuff posted within the Glasgow sub-forum (unless whatever you've posted is reported to them by someone else using the sub-forum) but in some respects they may not, classifieds probably being one of them (it was the gumtree link within your thread @user65739 that made me think about this).

  • Must do more missionary work, NZ is not even in the top 10.

  • Just thought I'd say hello, didn't post much on the Glasgow forum but lurked a fair bit.
    Glad see it's still alive and kicking.

  • Hello all.... think this could be a good thing for the forum...

  • I was Davvy on the glasgow forum btw..

  • Hey folks was a lurker on the Gfg forum, but never registered properly so never contributed.
    Turns out I've been registered on here for five years, ha! Never knew that until now!
    Turns out I'm a serial lurker...

    Anyhoo, hello from Paisley

  • Can't change my username, GavB here, wondered what the porn was all about on the old forum...

  • Ok, it's changed now and I look like a div. Ignore me.

  • Ha! Nah that happened to me to me to... would search 'gfgss' on google and the first link always sent me to boobies.

  • What makes you think it was broken?

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The forum is dead, long live the forum

Posted by Avatar for M_V @M_V