The forum is dead, long live the forum

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  • If you are/were a member over at then you've probably been aware of a few problems with the forum lately.

    First it was spammers, now it's been hacked (or something) and a lot of it redirects to a porn site.

    Luckily @Velocio has been kind enough to give us our very own subforum here within his LFGSS empire.

    There are no invite codes required to join up here, just join up through (if you don't already have an account) and you get the use of the Glasgow sub forum plus the rest of LFGSS too.

    I think there are already a few us that are currently in Glasgow on here and a few that have previously been Glasgow resident but are now based elsewhere too so hopefully it'll be a bit livelier in here than it's been on recently.

  • it possible to redirect the url to here instead?

  • Possibly, but it needs paying for.

  • Shabba

  • Well that's a massive improvement!

  • Do you own the domain name? Or have access to the nameserver configuration?

    If you do, I can tell you how to do the redirect for free.

  • I have access. I think.

    I'll discuss with Rusty and see what he thinks as its him that's been paying the bills.

    It was more the cost of renewing it I was thinking about.

  • If he wants to transfer the domain to me I'll pay it along with the other 50 or so that I have. A single .com is barely £10 a year, it's nothing in the grand scheme of things. And if you ever want it back to do anything I'll just give it back, all I am going for is that your members find their way here.

  • The Edinburgh forum has been long dead...

  • Easily resolved if there are enough people to make it active... I can create another forum here, and if you want to be the moderator of that space just say.

  • How would you pronounce GFGSS?

  • To be fair, perhaps LFGSS should move to the domain and be done with it.

    It's been a long time since we were just London, and we're well distributed nowadays... people have moved to all corners of the Earth and still use the forum (my Google Analytics map is fun).

    London actually only accounts for ~50% of the traffic on the forum. Manchester and Bristol are next up, and then... Helsinki!

    Attached is a city level view of users for the first 3 days in June... ~74k sessions from ~35k users in those three days... most of the (not set) are South East England, and so are loosely London-ish... because this is a city report and a lot of people aren't in cities.

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  • And here is the country level report... hell, LFGSS gets almost as many US visitors as UK.

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  • Rusty done a runner with the t shirt money @jambowright?

  • If you'd read the forum you'd know they have been printed.

  • Just checking in Glasgow crew. It's been a while and I'm in Devon now, but hey, have a White Russian in Sleazy's bar for me

  • This sounds very decent of you.

    Like I say though, final say rests with Rusty as it's all in his name.

    Edit: Oh wait, now that we've graduated from the stone age forum soft ware I can just @rusty can't I!

  • Longdistance Fixed Gear Single Speed...

  • holy shit haha, I didn't expect that!

  • was bikemec over there, but canoe paddler here, hello

  • Evening.

  • Song of the paddle>>>>>>

  • I'm now nearer to Glasgow than London, so count me in!

  • I've just been pretending I was a London's famous Londoner thus far, I'm in Fife near Dundee..

  • So it's not really worth using the GFG forum any more then?

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The forum is dead, long live the forum

Posted by Avatar for M_V @M_V