• Certainly wouldn't fit a brisket. You might fit a boneless shoulder in one but not sure how results would look.

  • I'd be amazed if that holds enough coal for any kind of slow cooking as well, and overfilling them messes with airflow so makes them work less well. I'd steer away from a small one tbh

  • Yeah, it’s not worth it for anything other than standard bbq fare.

    You’ll need the big one for slow cooking / smoking stuff.

  • First overnight cook on the kamado in progress.

    5Kg pork butt on at 225f, went on the grill at 19:30ish
    woke up at 6am to internal temp of 170f
    wrapped it with sugar butter and apple juice and bumped temp to 250f
    will pull it at 203f internal and straight into the cooler it goes.
    taking it to a friends birthday bbq at midday so won't see it again until it's served now.

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  • Has anyone here got any experience of doing meat low n slow on a cobb bbq? I’ve never heard of them but have just been told I’m in charge of cooking a shoulder of lamb on one tomorrow. I’m up for it but wouldn’t mind a quick primer of some kind

  • With credentials like this, how the fuck haven’t I heard of this device before? The little gravestones next to the heart and stroke association logo is wonderfully ambiguous. Approved by? Condemned by? Who knows? Let’s cook!

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  • looking at how it's laid out all I can do is wish you luck on your endeavours.


  • It’s got these big round charcoal briquette things that last two hours. There’s a few of them but no means of starting them off of the grill so I guess there’ll be a break halfway. Got enough beers to not give too much of a fuck either way

  • I somehow managed a decent result from the Cobb thing. Wouldn’t rush to cook on one again mind

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  • nice job. that thing looks like it was originally designed for bundt cakes in that shot.

  • Now you mention it, it really does

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