• smash burgers

    what dis

  • Do what now?


    You need the George Motz book. It is incredible.

  • HAHA @Aroogah

  • Also - look at TK Max for small cast iron griddles that you can throw over the BBQ flames to simulate the flat top. I think I paid £10 for mine.

  • high fives CYOA

    Your "Burger Bro" t-shirt is in the post.

  • For fuck's sake. Now I'm just hungry. Albeit better informed.

  • Picture time...

  • Cheers, some good tips there.

    Actual hot dogs is a good suggestion, will definitely go with that one. Not heard of smash burgers but look nice and simple. Any recommendations for BBQ sauce, I tend to find a lot of them a bit too artificial sweet?

    Tempted to go with a butterflied leg of lamb as something quick and also looks impressive but not sure whether that will just end up with too much stress.

  • any update?

  • caveman hunter-gatherer

    Your lot sounds it wouldn't have had fire in the days

  • Didn’t know they were called smash burgers, I always knew them as burgers. Which is different to gourmet raw in the middle artisan meat patties.

  • Any recommendations for BBQ sauce, I tend to find a lot of them a bit too artificial sweet?

    Sweet Baby Ray's

  • Tempted to go with a butterflied leg of lamb as something quick and also looks impressive but not sure whether that will just end up with too much stress.

    That could be a good option for cooking in the oven and then charring outside to finish it off.

  • pulled it off at 203f around 11:50pm.

    super thick bark (13 hour cook so not unexpected).

    fat was smoky and pretty much dissolved the second you touched it, bark was full on smoke and pepper kick in the face (the holy cow rub is v. nice). the whole thing was like the beefiest tasting beef I think I've ever had.

    one slight problem though was of the two layers you can see separated by fat (the thick part on top then the middle layer underneath) the probe must have been stuck through to the middle as the middle was cooked perfectly but the bigger top part was way overdone. still edible but had a definite hard chew to it.

    stuck a couple of thick pieces in some microwave bao burger buns nearly at the best before date with some philadelphia, some lettuce, a dribble of red's kansas city style bbq sauce and some hot sauce and I went to bed satisfied.

    for lunch I wrapped the leftovers in foil and reheat in a 160c fan oven for about 15-20 minutes, diced it up fairly small and served in street sized soft tacos with lettuce, sour cream, bbq sauce and a sprinkle of grated cheese and some chips. fed me, my gf and my mum, who is developing a real knack for turning up just before I am about to serve stuff up off the bbq.

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  • Neighbour may have heard me slamming windows shut - he appeared in his garden and shortly afterwards there was a huge reduction in smoke levels and I could see tall orange flames. Also not ideal, given that our house is thatched…

  • Leg of lamb on the Aldi Egg, didn’t butterfly in the end but seems to have worked out ok

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  • Verdict from diners super positive (potatoes and sides may have influenced that!) but think next time I’d go for a lower temperature for a bit longer.

    Overall pretty happy for a first go at a leg of lamb though

  • How long did you cook it for?

  • About 100 minutes

  • Aldi Kamado is being delivered tomorrow which I'm super excited about. Completely forgot to prep and buy some bits for it, list currently looks like this:

    1. Woodies natural firelighters
    2. Decent charcoal
    3. Some form of lighter
    4. Woodchips
    5. Pizza peel as we're getting the stone as well

    As we're going to primarily use it for veggie meals I wasn't sure if a thermometer was worth it? Happy to add to the list should I need anything else. Also are there any cookbooks people would recommend?

  • If you're cooking veggie meals I'd recommend Charred

  • not a cookbook but this is a pretty decent and quick read for getting the basic kamado concepts down.

    a cheap butane blowtorch works perfectly to light the woodies.

    silicone heatproof gloves are also a very good idea. I also use mine to handle charcoal when filling it up. mine are inkbird ones.

    the kamado comes with an ash scraper but i'd think about investing in a small ash pan to help empty it and I got a small galvanised bin to put the (cooled) ashes into until there's enough to need to dispose of as well.

    some disposable foil pans are handy to have on hand if you need to do a water bath or catch juices that would otherwise end up on the deflector plate.

  • Added to the wishlist, cheers!

  • Thanks @HatBeard - all added to the list as well.

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