• I'm in the office today or I'd pop out and do it. If no one else comes back, drop me a PM and I'll do it this evening when I'm back at home.

  • Main grill is 41cm diameter. Secondary grill is kind of a truncated circle/elongated D, 33cm on the long axis and 28cm on the shorter: it sits 12cm above the main one.

  • Thank you, that's really helpful.

  • Can’t beat a chicken wing sometimes!

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  • That really is a great looking bbq!

  • I’m lusting after their larger version but can’t justify it.

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  • If you could adjust the height of the grill while you were cooking it really would be absolutely perfect, but as it is it's still bloody great...

  • Figured I’d have a go at a beer can chicken as food poisoning should reduce nerves before England-Ukraine.

    Beer is such cheap pale ale with added rosemary and chilli, chicken has been liberally rubbed with olive oil, sea salt, black petter, chipotle, lime and chilli flakes (I May have got over excited rubbing the chicken).

    Will report back

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  • I've been thinking about building something like this recently - are there are pre built ones I could plagiarise?

  • Pretty happy how it turned out for a first go, crispy, tasty skin and really moist meat

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  • No idea, I've only seen them on Argentinian churrasco YT videos or that Basque guy that grills everything over charcoal...

  • Anyone near to Ramsbottom should give this place a visit by all accounts


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  • Looked at the pictures, thought that looks great, realised it's already starred in my google maps.

    As an added bonus you can get a steam train there.

  • Would anyone be interested in an un-used Aldi Gardenline Kamado Ceramic Egg BBQ? I picked one up about a month ago and haven't used it yet and given the lack of time I have over the summers normally don't reckon I'm going to do it justice. Just looking for what I paid for it (note they go for stupid mark-ups on Ebay and FB Marketplace). It weighs close to 75KG so it's very much collection only (Walton on Thames). I can take some pictures if there is interest but it is exactly as it is new.

  • Thanks to the help from everyone on here, I ended up doing an 18/20 hour cook a few weekends back, after the mightiest of stalls. The instructions on the aldi kamado suggested a water tray which may not have been the best idea (!)

    As expected the kamado held temperature at 105c, like a trooper.

    Here are some pictures (rain was forecast)!

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  • I'm selling a Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett, with thermal blanket, waterproof cover and a bag of pellets here.

  • I think I would like to buy a pellet smoker. Any other options I should consider? Currently using a weber 58cm kettle for my back garden cooking.

  • That’s been on my list for a while, will have to get over that way for a run/ food sometime soon.

  • Two little Lidl rib eyes and a spatchcocked garlic chicken

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  • What are you thinking of using it for? low and slow? I would also look into gravity charcoal, I have been using a masterbuilt 560 for a year or so, and it has been really good. The benefit over pellet is the ability to crank the heat right up and sear stuff as well as low and slow.

  • Maybe more for the DIY thread, but anything I should be concerned about building a pizza oven type thing adjoining a house wall? I'm assuming the heat will all be contained within the brick/plaster and the exterior isn't going to set the house on fire etc.

    Yes I could just build a solid shelf and get a pair of roccbox/other but I don't want to have to bring something inside after use/leave it to rust outside.

  • Do you mean literally connected to your house wall?

    I think that would cause some issues with heat retention in the wall and require some regulations to be adhered to.

    You should be ok to build pizza oven close to your house.

  • I've had an ooni karu for about 15 months and it's spent the whole time in the garden with the cover on and it doesn't have a single rust spot as of yet. I don't have anywhere in my house where I can store it so I took a gamble with keeping it outside and it's been fine.

    Another thing to consider with a 'proper' pizza oven is how much time it takes to get it going and managing, the ooni/roccbox types are way better for home use imo.

  • Sorry, wasn't very clear - not on the wall, but next to it. There's a side return with a staircase coming down it from a deck above (we live on a hill), so:

    wall > space (about 1.5m) > staircase

    Was planning on building a solid table/shelf (maybe brick?) and then the oven on top on the staircase side with some work space to the left of it. I guess as per @Gewürzt I could store something like a roccbox outside particularly if the shelf had solid storage. Does rather go against the Devon-terranean aesthetic I was angling for. Will have a look for some shelving inspiration.

  • As long as there’s an air gap between the outside wall and the heat source (has / wood fired oven) you’ll be fine.

    I would just go with a gas fired Ooni etc. You’ll use it a shit load more than if you have to set and light a wood fire every time.

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