• just scored a super cheap gas grill because it was missing cooking surface. need a 350 x 700mm grill (or 2 350x350..) - of which I've found a couple of brandless ones - but wondering if anyone knew anything clever

  • It should work in theory as a kettle is basically the same as a kamado but a smaller volume (although metal and not ceramic), not sure I'd want to be drilling a hole in a new bbq though, have you seen any good examples of it working online?

    I got a kamado because it's great for grilling and smoking but they're £££ and not worth it if it's only gonna be used a few times a year? Although (in theory) you'll never need to buy another one. Maybe you'd be better off buying a cheap smoker than drilling your bbq?

  • There's various stuff suggesting it should work. For the moment though I've just picked up a £20 bluetooth thermometer with a couple of probes and will just have a play around controlling it manually to start.

  • Definitely a good plan to learn how to do everything manually first so you don't end up spending money on the wrong thing.

    For low and slow you want to be using restaurant grade lump wood charcoal, the larger size makes them burn a lot more consistently for slow cooking. I use the big k ones that come in a box.

  • Cheers, I'll look into that. A lot of places seem to have sold out at the moment so I'm just using whatever I could find.

  • My new toy arrived yesterday, the country fire kitchen portico home, looking forward to cooking over an open fire over winter. I also ordered a flambadou which I cant wait to try... burnt beef fat oysters anyone?

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