• and lastly, a turkey right at the start of lockdown (sorry - can't figure out how to do multiple pics per post).

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  • Pondering getting my dad a barbecue for Father's Day. Any recommendations for a gas barbecue?

    4-6 person kind of size, quick to start cooking, size isn't too important as there's a pretty big patio. Preferably come with a stand or similar. Probably looking about £300 max. Cheers

  • First test for the Masterbuilt was a small gammon joint, not pre-boiled, just whacked on till it got nearly there then basted with mustard and treacle for the last 10 degrees, pick is pre-basting and other pic is post carving. Really happy with first run, really was set and forget and got a really deep smoky flavour.

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  • Well that looks pretty bloody magical.

  • that looks truly excellent

  • I don't have a pellet smoker to compare, but I was amazed by the smoke flavour, just threw in a few chunks of apple wood, luckily I fell a couple of 150ft oak trees last summer, so will be cutting those up into small chunks, will keep me in smoking for a while!

  • Small Weber kettle, TX rub and coconut briquettes snake/minion setup for 6 hours. Best result with shortribs so far.

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  • ^ looks lovely

    Picked up some lovely flat brisket from the butchers, any tips? Last did it a few years ago when I cooked it way too hot.

  • Flat is a challenging cut because there is basically no fat on it. My mother used to do an amazing version of it in the oven. This is the closest approach I could find to hers that uses a BBQ . Looks delicious but it is a long day.


  • There's a good looking recipe on CountryWoodSmoke for smoked pot roast brisket. I like the fact it's a UK recipe so tried and tested on UK beef.

  • Agree with that; some cuts work better with a braise.

    I do similar with pork; braise (in BBQ) in a tray with cider and then smoke it for a couple of hours. That way you get smoke flavour and it stays moist.

  • OK this may be more complex than I thought. I have all day so I think some combo of low temperature + smoke then a wrapping should yield good results.

  • Did 3h smoke then 3.5hrs in foil with beer + butter. Pretty happy - didn't have that super moist look that you see from Franklin bbq but was definitely not dry and tasted great.

  • Doing a picanha style thing today. Seems good so far...

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  • Couple of pics of things I did this weekend, small beef and pork joint both smoked over night for 18 hours, both tasted amazing. Also loving buying a chicken, spatchcocking it, and throwing it on, cooks in about 45 mins max. Also sausages and burgers so easy, literally throw them on, turn them once after 10 minutes, ready to eat 10 mins after that.

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  • Smoked spatchcock chicken is so good. I can recommend the Oxo poultry shears if you don't already have a pair.

  • Ah yes, a pair are def on the list, so will check those out.

  • Is there a forum approved gas bbq brand?
    All brands apart from pricey Weber tend to have flaky material descriptions (burners, grates etc), and it's unclear to me what are the "legit" ones for which you could get spares if something went wrong... Everything in between the very expensive and the cheap as chips Argos stuff seems to get you a nicer looking carcass but same basic burner / grate combo... Seen reviews of people complaining that (brand new and not that cheap) burner was only working with full gas bottle then crap after 2/3 full!
    If it needs to be Weber, then because of price it would be a bit small / restricted... Also, while I'd buy anything second hand, a bbq would be an exception to the rule...
    Any advice welcome!

  • I've just bought a char-broil one for my dad for father's day. Not actually tried it yet but seemed to be well reviewed and an established brand.

  • 10 hours smoked brisket.
    Meat sweats all round.

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  • Before.

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  • We took the plunge on a Weber last year, weakly justified because we held a massive joint 40th birthday shindig. John Lewis were doing interest free credit so we just paid it off over the year. I love it but it is a bit thirsty for gas.

  • We got a cheap as chips gas bbq from Asda three years ago. Keep it clean and covered when not in use (learnt a lesson the hard way with our old charcoal drum) and you shouldn’t have any problems. We use it every other weekend from May to Sept and most nights when the weather’s good, it still looks like new.

    I’m home alone tomorrow and doing a short rib so will take a couple of pics.

  • Should add, if I could have justified the cost like inchpincher I’d have got a Weber too :)

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