• Whatever you cook, however you cook it - It's Summer (ish) and time to cook outdoors, which is probably worthy of a thread different from the Food thread

    I'm currently dialling in a drum smoker, and aiming to slow cook giant lumps of meat this Summer

    I know that @dancing james & @Aroogah cook outdoors, so I shall be stealing tips & recipes from them

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  • BBQ wedding party this time next week

    6 pork shoulders
    4 lamb shoulders
    20 beef short ribs
    15 racks of pork ribs

    Chicken pieces

    Swordfish steaks for pescatarians
    sausages for kids

    We have two smokers Weber WSM and Green Mountain Daniel Boone and two Weber bbqs which are also used for grilling

    The Webers use Aussie heat beads for charcoal
    The Green Mountain is a wood pellet burner

  • @Aroogah is making pickles for our big day - we are aiming to feed approx 100 people

  • Excellent thread, I was going to buy a big green egg - should I be thinking of something else? Ideally cook and smoke in the same thing

  • big green egg is very expensive, but meant to be good. i have never been convinced for the extra price that it can do anything a weber smokey mountain can't do and for that price differential you can then afford a PID fan control as well

    i have never used a big green egg, but it comes across as nice but pricey

    i am really impressed by my Green Mountain Grill, can smoke, bbq and grill (i havent used it much as a grill) but its great for smoking, really easy to control

  • Are these compatible with the gazebo?

  • not sure i understand the question

    the GMG produces very little heat when smoking

  • Boo. Notification from Roccbox that pizza oven will be delayed. End July for first deliveries. I am desolated.

  • Top thread... I've been doing a fair bit of smoking out here in Oz, super lo-fi in my case... Got given this smoker not long after we arrived, have been putting all sorts of things in there... Delicious every time...

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  • Piri-piri chicken and Greek style lamb flaps in the gas BBQ...

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  • ^ looks so good

    Setting the temperature and fan for the smoker yesterday worked pretty poorly - back to the drawing board for the moment

    My kettle, on the other hand, went well, and the fire rope I added worked like a charm - temperatures held steady for 6 hours with just setting the air intakes

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  • @dancing james, those Green Mountain looks amazing things look great.
    Which model did you get and did you order yours online direct from GMGs?

  • really ... a bbq with wi-fi

    what the hell

  • I'd always wondered why @dancing james hadn't started this thread himself.

    The food he produces is epic, both in quantity and taste.

  • We bought the Daniel Boone from their UK supplier.

    Got extra racks and the thermal jacket which reduces fuel consumption hugely.

  • I'd always wondered why @dancing james hadn't started this thread himself.

    Ditto. I'm doing all of this because it would be a bit weird if I ate every day at his.

  • gas BBQ

    Careful now...

  • green eggs can get insanely hot for pizza.
    All the low-temp stuff would be similar to a smokey mountain i think.

  • @dancing james cheers for info. I think I'll go the small one, I forget the name, but sound idea re the thermal jacket. Ta.

  • Quite a few people use a wsm for pizza cooking but baking is a "there be dragons" activity for me

  • They're great, we cook outside all the time... Turn on, wait five minutes for it to heat up and you're ready to go...

    The smoker is a weekend thing, get the meat brined, get the rub on there, 10 hours in the smoker, not the kind of thing you can do straight after work...

  • I'm in full agreement, but it gets the purists riled up.

  • The purists can fuck off, they probably don't have to work for a living... ;)

  • I now own 2 pairs of trousers FYI

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