Genesis Day One SSCX / Commuter

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  • Was considering a Pompino (because All City Nature Boys are $$$) and this came up on eBay looking in a bit of a sorry state. Seems like there are very few custom builds of these bikes around the web so I thought I'd document mine…

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  • After stripping down, cleaning, swearing at the seized BB, and a trip to the LBS, this is what I have:

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  • Plan is to replace my really fun but somewhat less practical Brother Classic Track (for sale) with a more versatile, comfier and more modern commuter (probably with rack and panniers). Potentially some off road experimentation in Epping Forest as well at some point.

  • I had no idea this would be 135mm rear spacing. The rear hub has a 54mm chainline and the original cranks/bb had about 52mm. Da fuck.

    In my head I was going to be building a Pomp so I was expecting to throw my track wheels in there along with a new Alfine chainset as per @mdcc_tester 's recommendations on the Pomp owner's thread

  • Irritating. What's wrong with the wheel & cranks that were on it? Only nds pic so can't really tell.

  • Here's a pic of when I got it home.

    Rear wheel is missing a couple of spokes. Both rims are pretty tatty - spoke nipples corroded, brake surface is pretty badly worn etc. The crank is all good other than the ugly chainring.

    To be honest it's all useable stuff, but it's a bit of a trade down from the Brother, which sad as it makes me, I'm selling to free some space and help pay for this.

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  • I have a Genesis Day One (the model a year earlier than yours I think). It was sold as a cx bike and mine has 135mm at the rear. Pain in the arse when I was looking a new wheel set and I ended up using the existing hub instead of getting a new one.

  • The hubs seem to be alright though. Considering rebuilding them on to some DT R 460s for some cheap, wide, modern wheels...

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  • You took the words right out of my mouth @jdp :)

  • I may well end up re-using the existing crank, however my intention was for something more modern, and an external bearing crankset (e.g. the Alfine ones) was part of that.

    I'm not sure what my options are for getting 54mm chainline with a modern chain set.

    Would an Alfine crank work if I removed the chain guard and put the chain ring on the outside? Or will that not be enough?

    Should I be looking at MTB single/double/triple cranks? Could a road crank work?

    Or am I going to have to accept square taper and mess around with different length BBs?

  • Had a 2011 one of these, got the hubs built onto some new rims, bearings replaced, span flawlessly, no need for new hubs. I ran a Sram Rival chainset, single ring on the outer, with external bb, never had a problem with the chainline, then ran it 1x10, with original crank and raceface n/w ring and xt rear hub, again no problems.
    Bloody cracking bikes. Enjoy.

  • on a 54 mm chainline does that mean you only have 13.5mm to the inside face of your dropout?
    Doesn't sound a lot.

  • I've had similar issues running a cotic escapade fixed, I'm running a 130mm sturmney archer fixed hub with a couple of 2mm spacers each side to fit the 135 OLN, axles plenty long enough for this

    I've got a genetic track crank with 111mm BB - I cant run narrower because of the chainstay width, this has thrown the chainline out so it's pretty noisy, will have to respace then re dish the rear wheel

    so possible to use a normal track hub but a bit of a faff

  • 13.5mm exactly (on the freewheel side). It doesn't sound like much but in reality looks totally fine clearance wise.

    On the fixed side I have 17.5mm from chain stay to middle of sprocket - giving me a 50mm chain line - much more acheivable

  • Looking into SRAM chainset specs:­/techdocs/road_cranksets_fram_fit_specs_­gen_0000000004165_rev_b.pdf

    On a SRAM road double, chain clearance is 47.5 mm for the outer ring, which would be ~48mm chain line.

    From what I gather a GXP BB comes with 2x2.5mm spacers for use with 68mm BB shells. My BB shell is 68mm - so if I use both spacers on the drive side, my chain line would be ~50.5mm.

    Any problems with putting both spacers on the drive side?

  • I don't recall using any spacers. Seriously, buy the kit you like/can afford, bolt it on, don't over think it, you'll soon know if the chainline is miles out. Really never had a problem with it, chain ran nice n silent, apart from when freewheeling, I had that oh so satisfying White Industries click.

  • Thanks, you're right. Just making sure though! A bit of internet research never hurt.

    I'm liking the idea of a SRAM chainset, with S500 levers to match. SRAM Apex 53/39 and BB going for £79 here

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  • Apex is decent stuff and S500s are the comfiest levers I've used. Do it.

  • S500 with mini V brakes by any chance? Work well?

  • Pain in the arse when I was looking a new wheel set

    We're you running fixed?

    If you're single speed and need a 135mm rear couldn't most 130mm road wheels just be slotted in, either with a small spacer or just tightened to bring the spacing in?

    Or just use a 135mm Decore rear.

    Pretty sure a road free hub will almost always be better than any screw on free wheel. Plus the chain line will be much easier to fix.

  • One of those ^

    Then you can just use your existing cranks and not worry about what chain line the cranks give you.

  • Good point @hugo7, that would make things easy. But I'm planning on running this fixed on commutes/around town and then freewheeling off road.

  • Surly make a 135 fix/free non disc hub­205-p.asp

  • any reason why you don't just go square taper BB?

  • @TheShipwright

    a) Too easy
    b) Don't need to (by the looks of things)
    c) Shiny new things

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Genesis Day One SSCX / Commuter

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