• Empella Turbo Cyclocross bike, in excellent condition. Sadly it's too big for me (But dont worry I actually have a matching one in my size) So I can let this one go. This paint is in immaculate condition. I haven't seen many of these for sale, they seem pretty rare...

    Frame - Empella Turbo 58 ctc 57 tt
    Headset - Tange MTB
    Crankset - Super Maxy 170mm with chain keepers
    Brakes - Dia compe Canti levers with C record levers
    Gears - 5 speed with suntour bar end shifter
    handlebars and stem - 3ttt
    saddle and seatpost - rolls and campagnolo aero
    Wheelset - Wolber GTA run super smooth

    I am looking for £430 + shipping

    Located in Denmark

    Cheers! Grant.

  • If this were a 56....

  • I just updated the sizing, its 58cm ctc and 57cm tt


  • Lovely. Question though. If the purpose of a split ST is not to allow wheel tuck as (e.g. the MKM TT), what is it for? Compliance?

  • Being a cross bike you need clearance for mud i guess?. This bike is running 32c tyres, but has space for 35s maybe more. Also you could easily slide the wheel forward 10mm? Im not really sure.

    Would be too tight with a standard seat tube?

  • price drop!!

  • Empella made beautiful frames and world champions!

  • So fucking cool, can't believe it hasn't sold yet!

  • Dibs Pm'd

  • dibs u have a PM

  • Sale fell through! Its currently all boxed and ready to ship.

    £460 shipped and its all yours!!!!

  • I wish this was a 54cm!!


Empella Bi-Tube Steel Cyclocross 58cm £460 shipped!

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