Post All (of the) Citys!!

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  • Looks great! Any more info about that one?

  • its @starrunner3000 's bike.

    Perhaps he has some more photos!!

  • Anyone got a Super Professional?

  • yep, what do you want to know?

  • What rear axle do you have?

    Looking to run a Paul WORD hub, but not sure if the cap will foul the hood around the dropout.

    Would you be kind enough to measure the diameter of the cap please?

  • like this? i’m using the axle that came with the frame. if you’re running single speed you probably need the cap to tighten on to the steel part of the dropout as the wheel has a tendency to slip

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  • Yes, perfect, thank you very much!

    Do you use a torque wrench when securing the wheel?­

    How do you like it otherwise?

    I've found a silver frame for £900 and the "basil" for £600, so I'll try and haggle the silver down, failing that £300 leaves plenty for a respray.

    PS Judging by the Brother you sold, we're a similar height: how tall are you and which size did you get?

  • didn’t use a torque wrench tbh, only went SS while waiting for a new mech hanger, no problems using it with gears otherwise.
    i haven’t seen the basil in the flesh but the silver is very nice and sparkly in sunlight.
    i’m 185cm tall and riding a 55cm frame, they do run a bit big. this is my third AC frame, all 55 and all fit me very well

  • Thanks for your time!

  • Haggle win: I'm in the club!

    Triton matched Apex, which I wasn't expecting: I'd have been happy with any decent reduction.

    Immediately after I ordered, the price went up a little to £649, but that's still a deal by my reckoning, as UK RRP is £1,100.

  • that’s less than i paid on trade! good work

  • Really? Even happier then.

    I don't suppose you know the SS chainline offhand? I've not dealt with a 142 frame before and been out of the loop for some time.

    Don't put yourself out, I can email AC.

    Scratch that, l'm talking rubbish: it has been a while.

  • Selling my 58cm big block frameset in lavender with cane creek forty headset if anyones interested. Can supply a half decent bb for free as well(miche). Pm for pic £240

    Postage or collection from Twickenham/tw15

  • I don't think I've posted any photos of my Zig Zag since I finished it a few months ago. Here it is in commuter mode (which is sadly how it gets used most often). I really like it. Super comfy and fast enough for me.

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    • PXL_20230130_081321820.jpg
  • Ooh that’s nice.

  • Thanks, there's not much I'd change about it! Apart from needing a new chain and new wheel bearings. I'll get round to painting the pump to clash less at some point.

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Post All (of the) Citys!!

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