Post All (of the) Citys!!

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  • Added some sweep backs to the big block:

  • Nice saddle angle

  • Well, the saddle rails are level, for one.

  • Serious dibs when you sell at forumfamous dickpreciation. Kthanxbai
    *Really serious though

  • I'll even tape over the horrid white bits

  • Why u hatin'?
    Sensible bikes need to be sensible. We're all getting older and (more) sensible anyway right?
    The rose pink tape's gotta go though. I'ld go black but I always go black.

  • Constant downhill.
    But, yeah saddle and bars have been levelled out now.

  • Nah I love mudguards and gears.

    I just think there are certain bikes that deserve to single speed sans mudguards and this is one of them!

    But I bet during summer it is, so I guess I'll 🛑🛑 stop!

  • To satisfy you on the "single speed" (fixed) bit, some bad pictures of the latest iteration of my dropout, all sensible with mudguards, minoura rack and identiti disc fork in 405 a-c with all the mounts. Quite happy with the look of the 7700 130bcd cranks. The silver chain makes it look cheap but it's a stainless z so form over function (so silent..) and that hurts to admit as an architect. Also weirdly the trp spyres do a better job at stopping then the trp hy/rd that was on before.

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  • That's wicked!

    Spyres are great and I love 7700 cranks...I have two pairs lying around waiting to be used!

  • It's not fast but I mostly like it.

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  • I did a thing... I think this might have previously belonged to @yetidamo?

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  • Yep, definitely mine originally. It's builds into a lovely bike, I hope you enjoy it. @stelfox was also looking at it as he PM'd me with some questions about it. I'll be interested to see it and know what you think of it when built up.

  • Really looking forward to getting my hands on it. It's to replace my Mr Pink, which I love. I just wanted the exact same bike but with discs to make it a bit more of a year round, do everything number. The geometry of both frames is almost identical so I'm hoping it ticks that box!

  • Ah yeah. You'll love it then. I should have gone a size down. It was just that bit big for me. I'd still have it today otherwise I reckon.

  • Yeah the sizing is a bit weird. A 52 with a 545mm top tube? Doesn't make much sense but my 52 Mr Pink fits me really well so hopefully this will too.

  • Thank you, for saving me from it. I was chatting to the guy about wether he’d be in London or would posit it. I think i need more steerer. Everything I’ve read is very positive about the zig zag, so do post when you build it up, sure it’ll be fun

    Your mr pink is superb (just did a stalk), what will become of it?

  • It worked out well for me! He happens to be in Leeds tomorrow and I happen to be seeing a friend from Leeds next weekend, the stars aligned.

    Thanks, I really like the Mr Pink, it's by far the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden. You can get away with long old days in the saddle and feel alright at the end of it. Unfortunately I don't have the space or time for 2 such similar bikes so I'll move as many of the parts over to the Zig Zag as I can and sell the Mr Pink frameset.

  • A slightly better picture of the Zig Zag! Now it just needs to make it's way across Leeds to another friend, up to Newcastle where I'm meeting him, then back down to London.

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  • Excited to see how this goes

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Post All (of the) Citys!!

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