Post All (of the) Citys!!

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  • Cool.

    they're essentially microshift bar end shifters modded onto tektro levers.

    I have both, so might combine them someday. I prefer the indexed mode myself, very crisp and confident shifts.

  • Thanks for all the tips.

    I went downstairs to try them out and the tyre was fully seated :)

  • Sweet, happy safe ride mate

  • Very cool builds all, here's my Big Block!

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  • Not the best photo of the bike but I really, really love my Mr Pink. I've done a couple of centuries on it now, including the Restrap Solstice Century yesterday, along with plenty of shorter rides and it's just so good. Apart from my knee giving me grief from an old injury towards the end, I was just as comfortable on the bike when I got home as when I left.

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  • Very nice

    Just fitted guards to my Zig Zag

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  • , I was just as comfortable on the bike when I got home as when I left.

    That's the shit right there

  • They are a very comfortable frame, likewise, longer rides don't feel punishing at all. Has to be the best frame I've ridden so far.

  • Do All-City frames have the frame size stamped on the BB shell?

  • This thing is significantly heavier with the new wheels, tyres, lights and brakes.

    Still, ideal for popping to the shops and back.

    Edit: wish I had it powdered bright pink instead

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  • ah you changed your username!

    dont go canti, go Paul racer on Winston bike.

  • Lighter than when it was caked. in mud though?

  • Looks great.

    Have you any details of how you've routed and attached the rear light?

  • Holla

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  • Oh yes, very much so. Classy.

  • Nice!!

  • hi , do you know where i can find all city sticker for my frame ? thanks

  • @pdlouche created new down-tube stickers for mine.

  • Only just come across this thread!

    My old def wish. Provided many a happy afternoon bruising around the streets.
    Keep meaning to get round to putting the F&F up for sale, perhaps i'm just secretly too fond.

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  • That’s quite hot.... you should totally sell it... :)

    If anyone has a tiny def wish or drop out they want moving on.

  • Edit, no I won't..

  • Very nice mate, any pics of the Mr Pink?

  • Thanks guys appreciated

    @jono84 i havent post a photo of that? Still on the hunt of Thomson x2 17 deg and its done

  • Damn that’s my old one! If you do ever sell it hit me up cause I’d be real tempted.

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  • I think all their logos are done in paint rather than decals, that’s how they are on my space horse. You’d have to get someone with a vinyl cutter to make you one.

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Post All (of the) Citys!!

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