Post All (of the) Citys!!

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  • Cheers, will send them an email now.

  • Ison are the AC distro in the UK, they only seem to import what they think will sell i.e. not everything, so no limited colour ways etc.

  • Triton replied to my email with this..

    At the moment the UK importer do not have any info on the flat bar
    version so it’ll be at least 4-6 months before anything comes in if it
    is a bike they have decided to bring into the UK at all

    I will probably look at buying one from a US retailer, 4-6months is a long time.

  • ^ They will have info about the Gorilla Monsoon in a month or so though, if anyone if wondering.

  • Does anyone know of a retailer who has the 2018 Macho man disc (58cm) in stock?

  • I bought my macho man from Just Pedal in the Netherlands two years ago, and it looks like he's still stocking a lot of the Surly and AC models. Excellent service, fast shipping and the best price I could find at that time. A little slow with email replies, but other than that a top guy.

  • Gorilla Monsoon UK RRP £950

    Unless I'm feeling particularly flush, it's too much for standard steel. Sigh.

  • Ouch but might retail for less. If you want the orange fade paint job, what about the Brother Kepler for less money and a carbon fork option? Doesn't look as relaxed from pictures but haven't compared geo.

  • better photo with some snow in Milan ;)

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  • Final build ? I'm really happy with this. Can't justify any change

  • If people still say "fit" then that is FIT

  • Thanks ! Yours is also nice
    I think we have similar bike tastes :)
    I almost bought a yellow macho man as a daily for some euros, I may regret it haha

  • Revitalization bump

  • Man. So envious of both of those. Perfection.

  • You're probably the most meticulous bike builder I've seen. Literally everything is always spot on and in the right place.

  • Cheers. I might be mildly obsessive.

  • First spin on this Zig Zag today. Couldn't give it the full beans as I'm recovering from fairly recently broken ribs (shouldn't really be riding TBH, but I couldn't resist a short run out), but I was able to gauge that it's a keeper.

    This is my 2nd All City having wanted another for a while since almost immediately regretting selling my Macho Man. Decided I didn't need a gravel bike as much as a road bike, so sold my gravel frameset and retained lots of parts for this build.

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  • One of my favourite views in Kent, too...

  • It's close to home for me. And locally everyone's fave backdrop on new bike day.

  • just converted to disc brakes

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  • Here's my NBD. Not great pic but breaks my long hiatus.

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  • I hard miss my NBD with jones bars man, woulda been the ideal lockdown spinabout now..

  • Here's my new Mr Pink with Whiskey forks. I transferred all the parts across from another bike. Since this photo was taken the much too short chain has snapped and the brakes have been changed to some long drop Tektros and the backwards front wheel has been rectified. Matching frame pump not pictured.

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  • Lovely looking bike
    I am thinking about ordering one of these

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Post All (of the) Citys!!

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