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  • Smaller ;)

    Front wheel for the Tomnium.

    Im hoping to get it rideable by the weekend!

  • A long time ago when i got my first fixie, i built a wheel for it. I was absolutely glued to a shitty youtube tutorial the whole time, and it still turned out an egg, probably laced wrong too.

    Since then i've hit puberty, been working as a mechanic for a while, and replacing spokes on customers bikes up to about 10 at a time. Therefore truing is no issue now, but i wanted to get lacing and all the other techniques down pat, as i've had lots of wheel build projects on my mind for a while.

    Now im on parental leave and loving life even more than before, with some spare time and the right state of mind to learn how to build wheels.

    Since last night, i've built 3 wheels, and im already feeling v confident. I was a bit nervous starting out with my fanciets bike parts, but everythings great so far.

    Holy shit it's the most satisfying part of bike tinkernig yet.

    I gave this tutorial a good look through, and after lots of articles, comments, and sheldon pages, i feel like this video covered just about everything i needed!


    One minor thing though.. i dont have a tension meter, so im a little in doubt of when enough is enough. After reading about a technique that talked about checking tension by using a thumb and index finger to try to part two spokes at a cross, and that amounting to less than 1.5 mm to be OK, as well as comparing to other properly tensioned wheels, i feel like i've got a pretty good idea of what's enough.

    Heres some pics. This is the rear for the omnium..

  • And here's the set for the Marin (stickerbombed dad bike)

  • Damn. It’s CK extravaganza in here!

    My favorite book is by Jobst Brandt, you build one side at a time, and it’s so easy to do different crosses etc. I have a pdf I can send you if you want.

  • Yea i've been collecting..

    Yes please! Sounds interesting. More knowledge is nice.

  • I learned with Roger Musson book.
    I've build less than 10 wheels so not very experimented but so far they are all fines !
    Will watch your vid, maybe could learn a things or two.

  • I got the e-book of Roger Musson
    holler if you want a PDF

  • That'd be nice, yes thanks.

  • Today was a big day. Had gathered everything i needed to build the mini max today. The only thing that hasnt arrived yet is the front rim, so i used the front wheel from my bmx temporarily. Cranks and top cap are placeholders for now.

    Fuck its rad, i've been grinning like a little kid all day. I rode my GT up there, and the omnium back, with the GT on the rack!

    There's more on my instagram story.. https://www.instagram.com/stridsland_jou­rnal/

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