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  • I have a BBB Skyscraper in 27.0, can recommend it. Only comes in black, but could be polished to silver easy enough.

  • XTR looks great! 😉

  • Handles brilliantly, really steady compared to something like to holding onto the hoods with a 130mm stem. I guess ive just gotten quite used to it, but i really like a bit of drop from the saddle to bar, and hand position almost directly inline with the steerer tube. Short reach and wide bars for me is what makes the bike fun and easier to control.

  • Thanks, and yea good call @Simba and @vp1337. Right now its paired with a 9s XT trigger, still need to test out a SRAM trigger. They just feel so much more solid, and really defined clicks compared to shimano stuff.

    That could work @Tijmen and leaving the clamp area black would match the black silver game ive got going on at the cockpit..

  • Thanks a lot, will give it a shot when I'll have some spare money!

  • I second the Sky Scraper post, very good. The old model has a half silver clamp too

  • i'd go for black post, silver clamp (bbb above), turquoise seatpost clamp and yolk-yellow outers :)

    i went for silver/black on my fixed and the rule was to have high contrast between meeting points, so if frame is silver, post should be black :D

    also, seatpost colour=stem colour

  • I like the way you're thinking!

  • also, seatpost colour=stem colour

    Works well with the black forks and pedals also.

    Tis a rad bike

  • Yea this option could be good for sure :)

    I am usually a strong believer of the same colour stem and post (unless one of them is really cool like Ti) but for some reason still not 100p convinced on the black post. I kinda like the lightness (colourwise) of the silver bits so far. Ill have to do some testing..

  • high contrast between meeting points

    For sure. Bushtrucker on insta has great examples of this

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  • So i found this Manitou i thought id try on the Litespeed. Pretty beat up, but only about 25 gbp.

    My buddy gave it an overhaul, and its actually feeling pretty good.

    Here comes the funny part.. the big ugly crown race must have been some 1-1/8" to 44mm adapter thing. But when i popped that off, guess what was hiding underneath.. a Chris King base plate! :D #smallvictories

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  • What’s like Maxxis holy roler in 26in? Looks perfect but out of stock

  • You found a used fork with a decent length of headtube?

    Everything I've ever found will only work with a M-L sized bike max.


  • Tell me about it. I usually end up riding smaller frames anyways, as the shorter tt's fit me better.

    But i think this steerer might actually be a bit short for the obed, but just long enough to reach the top bearings. Im thinking i could remove the starnut and put a quill adapter in to "extend" the steerer.

  • Where are you based? Bike24 (german webshop) has them in stock


    Schwalbe tabletops are similar, maxxis dth is slightly more slick, dmr supermoto is cool too. Dirtjump is a good catagory of tires to look into :)

  • Another good german webshop for all you weight weenies out there :


    They weight themselves all the products (with a pic of the scale), and you can sort the goods by weight ^^

  • Cheers! Uk so bike24 is good, just didn’t come up in my google. Thanks. Sorry for derail!

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