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  • Thanks pals^

    Spotter its a fair weather bike for the most part ;) at least when built like that

  • New Ti project i couldn't resist.. Its a litespeed obed from 2008, for 26" wheels and a 100mm fork. Will run rigid tho.

    Plan is to give it some old pink Chris King. Headset installed, waiting on my hubs from repair at cosmic sports to lace to some wide black trials rims.

  • Always cool bikes here

  • Cheers @Mr-r !

    Did a quick mock up to figure out fork length. This one's off my Singular and is 485mm a-c, a little on the long side. Steering feels ok but a little floppy.

    I almost kinda want to try a carbon fork just for fun.. can't quite decide!

  • That's a bit nice. Carbon forks would look v tasty

  • MRP Rock Solids come in 445 and 465.
    Or Salsa Cromoto in 468.

    Also, did you take it off any sweet jumps?

  • I love rigid stuff, but this cries for a suspension fork. :P

  • This^

  • Started looking at this thread yesterday. Love the quiver of bikes you have and your adoption of old mtb's. Myself and a few friends here in Toronto have been messing round with old mtb's and using them as doing everything bikes for the last couple of years and we've got to the point where we enjoy messing with them more than our "proper" builds. Keep up the good work.

  • Well, i actually did but realized i hadnt tightened the bars to the stem upon landing.. just a minor heart attack lol

    I DO really like the look of the tapered blades on salsa forks...

    @vp1337 Maybe ill go squishy if something good pops up for cheap, but to be honest it probs wont see many trails! Could still be fun tho haha

  • Thanks man! Yay Canada :) Cool! Yea thats how it was for me as well. Now old mtb's ARE my proper builds haha. Hows the bike scene in Toronto btw?

  • Yeah, they're a good looking set of forks aren't they..

    That's the good thing about having a workshop in the basement, I always freak out about whether or not I've tightened every thing properly about 3-4 times before I make it out after fettling my bike..

  • I moved here about 5 years ago and quickly made friends with a bunch of guys that work in shop so our group is pretty good. We're all into similar kinds of riding and having fun, a lot of which of which comes from building stuff and talking about what else we want to build. Not so much riding getting done at the minute. Did I read you have connections to Vancouver?

  • Right on. Sounds chill. Not so much riding because of the weather and snow?

    Yea thats right, i grew up in Vancouver, moved to Denmark when i was 17 and stuck around. My folks still live in van though!

  • Yeah, I'm definitely a fair weather rider. I went to Van for the first time in 2017 and really liked the place. Did you go to any particular bike shops when you lived there?

  • Dream Cycle van!!! definitely one of the coolest. All the rad bike parts, great taste.

    OCB (our community bikes) is a nice one too - donation based, tons of used parts for cheap, anything old you can imagine. There's also work stands you can rent with mechanics to help if you want.

  • The steerer tube on this particular fork is too short, but kinda dig the look, and dang it weighs nothing all of a sudden! I cant even imagine if i swapped the anchor of a cockpit for something lighter..

  • Loving the tuborg case and swivel chair.
    The bike’s alright too I guess

  • Haha thanks, i'll take it.

  • Lol. The internet is an elephant. But tbh that is somehow riser bars away from being rad

  • Haha just digging up gold aren't you ;) Yea that was something else. Funny story, i spent hours grinding the thick layer of paint off with a fucking angle grinder and cutting disc haha! @enghoff 's workshop was covered in paint/alu dust.. and in all the tight areas i couldnt get to with the disc, i just covered with some silver spray paint.. quality.

    @Hulsroy lol i actually had risers on it back when rode it a fair bit, but with grips made of rope ;) Then i took these pics and sold it to some guy for like 2500 kroner (bout 250£) :O

  • Anyone in here close to Somerset willing to help me out by picking up a bike?

    Titanium addiction is real..

  • hot damn, that's a solid piece of history right there

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t0-ster's stable

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