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  • Yo, so I thought I’d make this thread to spread the stoke and also get input/ advice on the bikes i build for my self, my significant other, and friends (and sometimes “clients”). I also like writing stuff and taking pictures of stuff, and I also like bike stuff, so thats all good, and stuff.

    I always have a lot of projects on the go, but since I’m not rich, they either take a long time, or are of a subpar caliber.

    I guess you could consider all bikes a “current project”, as setups always change, get upgraded etc. But here’s whats in the scopes for now..

    29er - Singular Swift

    I picked up the frame set really cheap a while ago, so it was pretty spontaneous. Its been calling at me from the loft storage for a while now, and after scooping a couple of deals on different parts, its time. Im a huge fan of big tires, but got quite discouraged after contacting Sam and finding out that it was and “older version”. This meant the tire clearance wasn’t as big as the current model of swift (which takes 2.4 on a 50mm rim, and 3.0 in the front). The plan is 1x9 (for cheap drivetrain parts), short stem and wide bars. Iv actually got most of the parts now.. i just need to figure out what to do about protecting the inside of the frame, and then of course build it up. The frame is pretty bunged up and was considering a paint job, but I doubt I'll get around to it.

    Singular swift frame and fork size L
    kcnc mtb crankset (with a super shitty/ rare 94bcd 5 arm spider) The only narrow wide I can find is wolf tooth, and they are expensive.
    crank brothers headset
    X0 medium cage rear mech
    X9 trigger
    Superstar components 29” wheel set. EX23 rims on Fuel hubs. 28.6mm external rim width, and hubs have 60 POE.
    Conti X king 29x2.4 rear tire
    Conti mountain king II 29x2.4 front tire
    Avid juicy brakes
    11-34 cassette
    Cheapo stem from eBay
    Thomson riser 780mm ( i also have a Funn riser at 810mm, but its silver)
    Cheap inline black seatpost from crc
    maybe an old flite saddle

    So the wheels just arrived! I mounted up the tires and dropped them in the frame… THEY FIT! Woop woop. I was scared i was gonna have to go down to smaller tires. 2.4 looks great, and much chunkier than i could have hoped for.

    Before i start building, I want to treat the inside of the frame. The previous owner(s) clearly didn’t, as there is a bit of rust dust when i look down the seat tube, and around the welding gas vent holes. Anyone have any suggestions for which product (frame saver, t9, etc), and if i need to clean the tubes in some way? And will the framesaver still work even though they already have a bit of rust?

    Road Bike - NoName Titanium (cracked chain stay)

    An old (possibly russian) 58cm squared titanium road frame. 1” headtube
    I contacted a local guy regarding the cracked chain stay. He used to build titanium wheelchairs. Ill swing by his workshop one day and hear how much the job will cost.
    I just bought the fork about a week ago, and is what actually got me inspired to build this up agian. This frame has also been sitting around for a couple of years.
    My plan is to build it up quite sturdy, because all rides seem to lead to some type of off-road anyhoo.
    As for parts, the only thing i have is a full ultegra 6700 group, thomson x2 stem, seat post. Im more and more leaning towards the idea of a 1x10, with 44t narrow wide and 11-32 with a sram wifli or mtb short/ medium cage rear mech. In this case, I have a set of Sram STI's laying around.

    Parts i dont have yet:

    Sturdy wheel set, wide rimes, maybe lots of spokes, and reliable (fast and loud preferably ;) ) engagement.
    was thinking something like dt swiss spline r24 or r23, or one of superstars builds.. Open to suggestions.
    Thomson x2
    Salsa cowbells 46cm
    Tires - something 28c that likes road and gravel (maybe paselas) always open to suggestions!
    Drivetrain - if i decide not to use the ultegra group i have.. What do people think in terms of drivetrain?

    This is all for now. Other current bikes and projects will pop up later on, such as my Titanium CX, Freaxie, GT karakoram commuter, Cannondale "risers gon raise", gfs CX, gfs Univega mtb commuter, the list goes oooooon..

  • lol

  • Nice! The titanium frame looks good, I like the forks as well, would make a good rat.

  • Thanks! True, it does have rat potential. I guess it could depend on how the repair goes.

  • Strangest crack I have ever seen - any ideas

  • I remember reading something about types of Ti cracks a while back. Is it maybe called a seam crack? Something about the tubes being formed from sheets of titanium.

  • consider contacting vernon barker cycles for the ti repair, they're quite reasonable and honest about the possibility of repairing

  • Thanks for the heads up, but I'm located in Copenhagen.

  • Did u solve the BB play fun?

  • Shimano BB. The question is why you didn't spot it.. haha

  • Bikes for trails, bikes for roads, bikes for my place, bikes for my parents place. Bikes bikes bikes bikes.

    I grew up in Vancouver, and need a bike at my parents place for when I visit. When I spotted this Marin Redwood (700c model) in the local classifieds, I was stoked.

    The frame is pretty messed. Rust and dents all over the place, so its a parts bin build for the most part.
    I picked up a motocross handlebar at some flea market, un aware that they measured between 27-28mm at the clamp. Total fluke that SJS had a shim that could adapt it to oversized. Its got a total klunker/ beach cruiser feel to it.

    more: http://www.pedalroom.com/bike/marin-redw­ood-28664

  • it dig marin frames so hard.

  • For sure. I had a Pine Mountain as my commuter for a while, but the chainstays got wrecked from internal rust. I loved it.

    excuse the low quality picture..

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  • Currently in the stand. Snagged a Univega mtb from a pile of bikes on their way to the dump. It looks like this one, just much smaller.

    I've really come to realize that 26" retro mtbs make for killer bombproof beaters. Iv been stoked on my marin^, and now im stoked on my GT, so now im gonna build this Univega for my gf. Build plans will be something like my current GT, but probably sporting a Wald basket instead.

  • That GT looks awesome, and so much fun.

  • +1 with the GT looking awesome!

  • Thanks guys, hopefully ill be able to dial in the Univega to something similar. The top tube is pretty long though. About 56cm is a bit long, even with a bmx cockpit.

  • May have found the perfect bars for the Univega. The sweep will certainly help with the length issue.

    pictures taken from the sale ad.

    Will of course need a quick respray ;)

  • Them bars are hot!

  • FUck this thread is rad.
    Subbed for sure.

    The Marin is exactly what I need to build I think. And that Ti frame is sick, especially matched with that fork.

  • Aw man, thanks for the kind words. Glad you like!

    What kind of riding would your Marin-type build be for? It's actually quite versatile!

  • Need a city cruiser with brakes, gears front rack.
    Ridin fixed all the time is doin my knees a bit. Would be good for doin the groceries, carryin beers, transportin the missus back from the pub etc.

    Nothin too exciting jus cant decide between an old steel MTB frame or a cheap old road frame.

  • Nice, yea there is value in having a solid do it all beater. These old hybrids are the best of both worlds in my opinion. Big/ fast 700c wheels from a road bike, mixed with the burly tubes, V brakes, and bigger tire clearance from the mtb. On the other hand, they are also sort of hard to find. Some older road frames can fit 700x35 (eg. kojaks) as well. Good luck :)

  • Not so much content on process from these last couple of builds, but here's the Univega done. My gf's bike for my parents place Canada.

    The fit ended up being perfect with the non sweepy bars. She described it as a damn fun bike, so it's a success!

  • That looks amazing, love it. What pedals are they?

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