• I'm moving out soon and wont have space for a million bikes and vanity projects so I'm clearing out everything that is non essential.

    This is an incredible track frame, 853 triangles with a slight downwards slope to the top tube, it has a wishbone seatstay and 1 inch threadless drilled MAX forks which can take a front brake.

    It comes with a 1 inch Campagnolo headset that runs perfectly and a Campagnolo carbon top cap and engraved bolt.

    The frame is in beautiful condition, lovely sparkle paint work. It has the odd small paint chip here and there (about 8 that I can see) and absolutely no dings or dents.

    Size = 53.5 ST STT / 54.5 TT CTC

    I'm looking for £370 ONO.

    As I have time restraints the first person to to pay and collect gets the frame!

    Local collect only please. Two minutes walk from New Cross Station!


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  • Fuckin' hell that is a beaut. Top man


  • sell allll the wishbones. nice stuffs man!

  • .. And these are the unwanted ones..

  • Someone give this the slave build it deserves.

    Makes me sad 😢

  • Ooh I like the frame but not the paint... Hmmm

  • Any pics with wheels on?

  • Frakking hell, that is nice!

  • stunning frame man.. Great

  • Cheers everyone! It's a bit of an art work, I do have more wishbone goodness in the bank but nowhere near as nice as this.

    @haveo I'll try and stick some wheels on it later!

  • Top frame from a top geezer.

  • Price drop £370 -> £355

  • Stunner

  • Last price drop before ebay £370 -> £350

  • to small, and sadly no funds. great paint on a great frame. I have an older Dave Marsh 753, and it rides beautifully................someone snap this up....bargain !!!....glws


Dave Marsh Track F&F - Reynolds 853/Columbus MAX - Wishbone Seatstay

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