Genesis Croix de Fer (2013)

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  • After much humming, hawing and angst-filled hand wringing I have finally pulled the trigger on a 2013 Genesis Croix de Fer frameset.

    The frame came with Condor carbon forks and I've also sourced an almost new Tiagra groupset, along with handlebars and stem that came off of a Felt bike. The purists, no doubt, will chastise me for using Felt branded stuff on a Genesis, but such is life.

    The wheels are a pair of Alexrims DC 25s purchased from @GreatSince78 (great seller by the way!). Saddle wise, I'll be perched upon my trusty black Brooks B17 - too much black maybe?

    Things I still need include mechanical disc brakes (thinking TRP spyres or Avid BB7s) and a seatpost (I'm long legged, so will need something between 350 and 400mm long).

    Now, I've ridden old crappy, steel bikes most of my life. While I can do basic maintenance on those, this will be my first "proper" bike and also the first time I build up a bike from scratch. I will be updating my progress - and also my moments of desperation - here, and will do my best to include better quality pictures throughout the process.

    I don't have the necessary tools at home so next week I will be heading over to some bike co-op (lbk or bikeworks - any thoughts?) to install the BB, chainset, and new cassette. Can't wait to get stuck in!

    Your words of encouragement, warning and caution will be very, very welcome.

    p.s. The first picture shows a pair of caliper brakes, but I didn't buy those.

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  • I've the 2016 frameset and after a couple of months of winter riding the bottom bracket started to grate (Shimano BB and chainset), taking it apart it was clear there is no drain hole from the shell so any water that got into the frame had no where to go and washed all my lovely grease away. 30 minute job to re-do it with the tools but if you have to go the the cop-op it may be worth drilling a 2mm whole so the water can escape (as exists on many other frames)

  • Cheers for that, I'll keep it in mind!

  • Well its far from being done...but its starting to look like a bike!

    Waiting for a few tools in the mail so I can fit the BB and chainset as well as a band for the front derailleur

    Work permitting, I'll have some updates soon :D

    Can't wait to try it out in this glorious weather

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  • Looks great, although I personally think the brooks looks too old on it.. I have a black 2014 Croix and it's great.. I have a build thread on here too..

  • Yes looking good. Would like to see bigger tyres and a new black brooks tho.

  • Thanks guys! Yes, you're both probably right about the saddle, it does look a bit odd. I'm emotionally attached and physically moulded to this one, though...It's such a comfortable saddle.

    Bigger tyres would also be great. I'll probably stick to these for now as I've put in a lot of money this month as it is, but it will probably be one of the first upgrades I do.

    Any other thoughts and suggestions would be really welcome too

  • Needs massive tyres

  • Monster Truck de Fer?

  • I run 30mm on mine, they are great.. really comfy and roll really well.. looks quite CX too. :-)

  • New updates...crank set, front derailleur, and front brake installed.

    Annoyingly I realized I didn't have any chain pins, so haven't been able to take it out yet!!! The pins, along with cables for rear brake and derailleur should be arriving in the post tomorrow.

    Aesthetically, what would you all say about some kinda retro-ish silver mud guards? Might hide the skinny tyres that were bugging @Thrasher

    Only minor issue so far is that I can't figure out how to stop the bb7s from rubbing against the rotor...unless I dial them off so much that they don't brake anymore. I've gone through most of the forum posts/youtube videos out there, but no luck. I wonder if its just a matter of riding and letting things settle.

    Also, any recommendations for a cheap, disc friendly rear rack?

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  • Are they the MTB BB7s?

  • They don't need to settle. They should be rub free from day one when set up right. Although they have to be run it to get powerful. Are you loosening the bolts off, pulling the brake lever on and then tightening the bolts back up to get the caliper straight?

  • No, they're roads. I was loosening the bolts, tightening the pads until they were stuck to the rotor and, tightening the bolts, and then gradually backing them off. I wasn't pulling on the lever though...I'll try that.

    I noticed before installing them that the pads were slightly at an angle, ie. they weren't perfectly parallel, but since both were like that I figured it was normal?

  • They should be parallel.Ā­/avid-mechanical-disc-adjustment

    This covers the basics.

  • Thanks! This is really helpful

  • Were the pads angled :
    bottom out \ | /
    bottom in / | \ .

    where | would be the rotor.

  • hmm they were bottom out, ie. wider angle towards the front of the bike

  • In which case on the back of the pads is a circular cut out which locates the pad on the piston. Ensure that is 100% seated in the right place, if it is and you still have the angle issue then get the metal spring that goes in between the pads and give it a little pinch at the top to reduce the amount of force it is putting on the pads.

  • Very helpful mate! Pads weren't properly installed. Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom! :D

  • Glad you are sorted. When they are set up and scrubbed in they are great brakes. Will make for a nice bike.

  • It's done!! Took it for a quick spin around the block last night - smooooooth sailing. I'd grown so used to clunky, squeaky, 30 year old bikes that the sheer silence of this machine has taken me by surprise

    Pictures later!

  • Just took it out for a short 5 mile spin...absolutely love it!

    Trying out my hand at some of those bike pics - I couldn't resist the use of filters.

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  • looking good..

  • Just felt like uploading a few new pictures with a updates.

    Recently fitted some 700x35 Paselas...I think they look much better. I think the carradice - I believe this one has belonged to several different forum members over the years - helps too.
    The stem is also new and has a higher rise angle.

    Just over a 1000 miles on and extremely happy with the much so that I feel bad those days when I don't ride it! It's definitely becoming exactly the kind of bike I wanted it to be.

    Next upgrade will probably be the wheels, but I need to save up for that.

    Also not entirely convinced with the BB7s...I mean they stop the bike, but its not as smooth and pleasant as I'd like. That said, I'm not entirely sure what it is that makes them feel not so nice. Before giving up on the brakes themselves, I'll be switching out the pads and rotors to see whether that has anything to do with it.

    Comments, suggestions and criticisms are always welcome

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Genesis Croix de Fer (2013)

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