• You always have great frames. The Somec is stunning, did you see the link I posted on the Somec thread re their painter ?

    Great frame that Casati!

  • Thanks man! I just swapped the Casati for a Carrera built by Pesenti. I will check out the link now

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  • The last pic in the article is my picture btw. Great article!

  • Amazing that Carrera! and the state of the Griffe behind it...neat! I had a Griffe myself, in not as nice conditions, too small, swapped for a Scapin.

    But you really look out for amazing frames/paintjobs :) mine are all dull!!

  • Oof dat Carrera

  • Thanks for the kind words man!

  • Aha, another Pesenti built Carrera. Love that frame. I have the same one but mine needs a respray so it became a touring bike. ;-)

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  • Ziet er heel cool uit Wim! Knapste tourfiets dat ik ooit gezien heb!

  • After 9 months the Somec is finally finished. I had some parts pantographed by Somec in Italy, the little hands are symbol of my hometown Antwerp. The stones on the cobalto brakes I made myself so the colour and shape is a bit different to the original stones. I’m really happy with the way she turned out.
    Frame : Somec Columbus SL 1986
    Rims : Campagnolo Omega Hardox NOS
    Hubs : C-Record Sheriffstars
    Tires : Challenge Elite clinchers
    Rear derailleur : C-Record 1.5 generation
    Front derailleur : C-Record 2nd generation
    Crank : C-Record 1st generation
    Pedals : C-Record 2nd generation
    Freewheel : Regina America 7sp
    Brakes : C-Record Cobalto
    Brakelevers : C-Record 1st generation
    Seatpost : C-Record 1st generation
    Saddle : Cinelli Volare SLX NOS
    Shifters : C-Record Synchro
    Headset : C-Record 2nd generation
    Handlebars : Cinelli EXA NOS
    Stem : Cinelli XA
    Tape : Benotto
    Bottle : Campagnolo Borraccia NOS

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  • .

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    • SOMEC_SMALLER_1.jpg
  • That thing should have a rosette on it or something. Perfect!

  • O boy, your Somec...

    (en bedankt voor het Carrera-compliment :-))

  • Rossin Strada Professional is done, still looking for more info if the bike is a team bike or not (SB 84 stamped on the rear dropout)

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  • .

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    • ROSSIN_LFGSS_7.jpg
    • ROSSIN_LFGSS_6.jpg
    • ROSSIN_LFGSS_5.jpg
    • ROSSIN_LFGSS_4.jpg
    • ROSSIN_LFGSS_3.jpg
    • ROSSIN_LFGSS_2.jpg
    • ROSSIN_LFGSS_1.jpg
    • ROSSIN_LFGSS.jpg
  • .

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    • CARRERA.jpg
    • CARRERA_5.jpg
    • CARRERA_4.jpg
    • CARRERA_3.jpg
    • CARRERA_2.jpg
    • CARRERA_1.jpg
  • Stunning!

  • So much p0rn in here, it's crazy.

  • Hey Jeremy, awesome builds! I have an identical colorway MX Leader '96, also a "P" serial number with number holder, and a rider name on the top tube in the same lettering. It came from Belgium but I couldn't figure out what these were made for with an elite team or simply custom builds of that year? I've never seen another one like it until seeing yours so any info would be great.

  • I've some out in cold sweats.

  • Another brick in the WALL ;)

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  • Life is too short to ride shit bikes ;)

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  • My 9th SOMEC

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Somec, Eddy Merckx, Casati, Albuch Kotter, 2x Sancineto, Rossin

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