Somec, Eddy Merckx, Casati, Albuch Kotter, 2x Sancineto, Rossin

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  • So the last few months I have been busy with finishing my Somec, this is really my dreambike it took me a very long time to find one thats just perfect. It’s going to be fully equiped with Campagnolo C-Record group including campy Sheriffstar hubs. In the meanwhile I have found 4 other bikes (frames) :

    • Casati Monza SPX
    • Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra TeVeblad
    • Eddy Merckx MX-Leader (more pictures coming up)
    • Albuch Kotter

    The Eddy Merckx TeVeblad is going to be equiped with Mavic 1000 SSC group, the MX-Leader is already complete with 2nd generation Campagnolo Chorus, the Casati I just received today so I’m not sure and the Albuch Kotter will be fitted with Shimano Dura Ace 7400.

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  • Oh man, so nice. Love the paint job on the Kotter.

  • I wish i had a wall like that...

  • Amazing frames you've got there, can't wait to see the building process.

  • Croce d’Aune delta’s, headset and front derailleur already found for the Casati. Still looking for the : Croce d’Aune crank, rear derailleur, hubs, pedals and seattube.

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  • That Leader would look better as a Neoretro with Chorus Carbon with a 5-arm crank on 50mm-ish carbon rims with gumwalls. Proper hhsrb potential there.

  • The gumwalls are coming up ;)

  • MX-Leader is also done, my first long distance roadbike. Rides super smooth!

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  • That's such a tidy build, wouldn't change a thing.

    I know they're no forum favorites (courtesy of the deep V fad) but a set of shamals would looks ace on this machine.

  • Yeah I have a shamal set but it's my training bike and riding 16 spoke shamals over cobbles here in Belgium freaks my the fuck out :D

  • Hah I know that feeling, I own the 12 spoke version, always scanning for potholes.

  • This one has a set, love the sound they make at high speed

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  • Slowly getting there

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  • Are those hands engraved?

  • Yes! I had the complete group engraved by Somec. The hands is the symbol of my hometown, Antwerp

  • Here's another hand

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  • Haha nice! That is going to look amazing finished.

  • Absolutely stunning, always lusted after a somec, good work!

  • Oh, the cobalto brakes... !
    Those hands are awesome, was that a special edition of a Campy grouppo or they were engraved later?

  • The little hands are the symbol of my hometown Antwerp. I had the complete group pantographed by Somec

  • Just out of curiosity, would you consider sharing the price for the pantographing?

  • Ofcourse! It was 160€ including shipping for the whole group excluding the brakes

  • Superb! Nice touch!

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Somec, Eddy Merckx, Casati, Albuch Kotter, 2x Sancineto, Rossin

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