Eddy Merckx MX Leader - ?Weightweenie?

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  • Going to be doing this for fun and see how far I can push it without breaking the bank too much...
    I know this might be the wrong forums for a weightweenie build but I dont really like their forums that much.

    So this is my MX leader at the moment with an original paint job according to the sticker it has on the seat tube.

    Setup on the photo weighs at 8.3kg

    Recently got a delivery of caad12 disc, rode it when it got delivered at evans, enjoyed it but still not ready to move out of steel. I got a refund and withdrew my order. I really enjoyed the disc brakes though!

    So anyway, the MXL was for sale a couple of weeks ago but withdrew that as well. Going to be keeping it and starting out a new project with it. New project meaning im going to try and get the whole bike close to 7kg. Strip the OG paint and get it repainted Waiting for @privatepatterson 's greenlight, get some weight weenie parts, maybe get the steerer column extended so I can use a threadless stem. Lots of ideas floating around at the moment that will still change and/or might not even happen at all. Been asking around some framebuilders about the steerer column and they told me that it might not be possible because of how the column and the fork crown was bonded. need to read the email as I didnt really understood it that much.

    Maybe change all bolts to Ti, tune the rear derailleur, get a carbon/plastic bottle cage, paint is quite thick from observing a chip so stripping it might take off some of those nasty grams away, etc..

    Current setup goes like this, my scale is quite innacurate.
    53cm MXL Frame - 1919g
    MXL Forks - 631g
    Full Sram Red 22 Groupset - 1845g
    Superstar Volta Hubs on Pacenti SL25 rims - 1520g
    Vittoria Corsa Tyres - 488g
    Nitto Technomic Stem - 297g
    Deda Piega 26.0 Bars - 291g
    Easton EC90 Seatpost - 197g
    Tune Speedneedle Saddle - 90g
    Speedplay Pedals - 206g for the pair
    Chain - 240g

    It currently stands at 7.7KG, this is not including the small items like the bottle cages, bolts, cables and all. So lets pretend that it's around 7.9kg.

    Somebody got their merckx down to 6.6kg. For a steel frame, especially the MXL that weighs like a tank, have to say that it was very impressive. Guy had a lot of money though, in which I do not...

    To change
    Wheelset - maybe somewhere around 1300'ish in weight.
    Stem - Going for a grammo which weighs around 160g
    Bars - Not a lot of options here... Any advice will be appreciated.
    Seatpost - Currently got an easton one but I dont really like the way it looks and the branding is very shouty imo.
    Pedals - ??
    Not really bothered about the headset,a headset is a headset... unless it's less than 50g.
    Was playing with the idea of getting a carbon fork, but MXL fork is what makes the bike.

    If i Really push it, I might be able to get to 7.1kg for a steel bike which is maybe lighter than some carbon bikes out there.

    or maybe I can just get a super evo...

  • Haha you're mad

    I knew you wouldn't like the CAAD12 either - they're basically the same as the CAAD10 but with a stupid seatpost size! Same BB, same stupid internal routing etc etc....

    Btw - I didn't know you had a Bridgestone, kept that one quiet.

    Why don't you just buy a nice carbon frame, pop the RED22 (RED10 would be better for the MXL) on it and some good wheels, and then you'll be in sub7 territory easily.

    With almost 2kg of frame, not spending serious $$$ is going to be difficult.

  • I'll be happy if i get to 7.5 and maybe under.

    Was actually thinking of getting this the other day with the refund i got from evans
    but procrastination kicked in and I missed out on their last 52cm sized frame a day after caad12

    was just about to text you and ask you about the caad10 from your friend

  • Meh, you could do a hell of a lot better for £1800 - only thing worth keeping there is the frame and the Groupset - and you don't even get red cranks or SiSL2, just Si!

  • When you say it that way, i dont feel bad missing out on it anymore.

  • Please don't strip the paint for the sake of some grams

  • stripping it as i dont really like the paintjob, will get it repainted to something else. Thinking of the good old team telekom one or matte black with red accents

  • buy a carbon bike and weenie it, you'll be hard pressed to improve that bike with lighter bits imo...

  • Personally I think you should just buy a new bike rather than bastardising an old one.

  • +1. Would be a shame to strip the original paint too.

  • Don't do it, sell the frame as it is and use that cash for your new build

  • 1000% agree. Carbon is the best!

  • Looking for an mx leader in 61+ size if anyone knows of one

  • I can't see why you'd strip the (apparently fine) paint from a frame that weighs 1919g and then build it up to be ultra light. Why not, as suggested above, sell the frame to someone who is looking for an original Merckx MX and start with a lightweight frame? The paint is hardly going to make a difference to a frame of that weight.

  • You guys are making this project of mine look like a bad idea now. Going to repeat it again, im not stripping the frame to shed some grams, i'm stripping it to get it repainted as i do not like the paintjob it has right now... I know I mentioned stripping to get some grams off, but I'm currently on the talks with @privatepatterson and getting it repainted around August when his place is all up and running

    I'm actually looking for a carbon frame at the moment, not going to sell the MX leader as it took me a while to find one my size.

    im just doing this project for fun to see how low I can go without spending a lot, which I know is impossible but thought it'll be fun to try it out.

  • Electrics are being re-done this weekend and then we have a roof to repair... soon @Shroom.
    Pop over to the site, grab the colouring-in template, colour it in and give us some idea of what you want? http://colecoatingsworkshop.co.uk/

    Or... don't... this bike does already look rad!

  • God dammit, not you too

  • LOL!

    Sorry man!

    Having said that, we'd LOVE to have this frame as a canvas to paint on... and them forks... WOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Not the answer you wanted but probably the voice of reason you needed to hear maybe?

  • Sell it all and go custom road disc :)

  • Nahhhh stay away from discs.....

    Where's @amey and his duraaceBR-9000.gif when you need him

  • You must be the first person in history to start a weightweenie project with a Merckx frame.

  • Hah, nope


    I'm questioning thia idea now. Might just actually get and try out a lighter frame.

    With discs, I had a delivery of caad12 the other day, went to Evans to try it out. Felt great but just couldn't get used to it. 10 minutes is not enough I know but I think I'll stick with rim brakes for now. With all the discussions about disc brakes, have to say I'm going to side with @amey and his da9000.jpeg

    I'm still not Convinced with discs.

  • Bike looks great with the paint and build in the first photo. Seems a pity to change it all to save a few hundred grams off what will never be a particularly light bike.

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Eddy Merckx MX Leader - ?Weightweenie?

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