• Hi,

    I'm working on a project aiming to define areas of poor and dangerous infrastructure for cyclists, through the use of body worn video as an evidence base for planning applications.

    As a design student I am creating cases, and posing new infrastructural redesigns for specific hazardous locations.

    Often minor incidents and non crash scenarios go unnoticed. Any footage or stories of near miss events, regular anxieties, even crashes caught on tape would be amazing.

    *Note: This project does not look to prosecute or take legal action in any way. It is a means for producing more critical and specific evidence for a designed proposal for new planning changes in and around London.

    Any input you would like to give will be gratefully received via we transfer or your preferred method.

    Many Thanks, Matt

  • dangerous infrastructure for cyclists

    Such as cycle lanes across spike pits, lava flows, or over sheer cliffs?

  • Do you cycle yourself?

  • Body cam is such a sucky term.

  • You could do worse than scour the collision/commuting threads for hundreds of stories in this vein. Is that counted as evidence?

  • ^Looks safe enough, segregated from 'traffic'

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Near misses, poor infrastructure, anxieties, crashes; Bikecam footage and stories please

Posted by Avatar for Mat.the.hat @Mat.the.hat