Cycle superhighways are getting rid of bus lanes

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  • Click the link, it makes for happy reading. Almost every response is considered, intelligent and constructive and the OP is left looking the silly sausage he is.

    It's such a nice set of responses I considered joining the forum, but there isn't a dank memes thread.

  • That's Herr Gruppenführer to you.

  • Instigator on that MBike forum wrote a lovely post about how cycling is practical not promuter sport-cypher in holland...

    You'd be surprised what can be done on a bicycle. All 3 of those categories of people, cycle regularly in the Netherlands. I live here. So glad I don't live in London anymore. Its so refreshing to live in a city that has changed it's road system entirely (back in the 70's) to make the bicycle the default mode of transport by choice. I see people take passengers on bicycles and the passenger is trailing a suitacase behind them. Perfectly normal. I see parents taking their kids on bicycles, be it in a non-standard bicycle or on a dedicated kids seat. Perfectly normal here. And because everyone does cycle and cycles regularly, older people tend to be a heck of a lot more active (fitter) than those in the UK so it's not just restricted to the young and able.

  • The bus lanes are only bus lanes 7-10am and 4-8pm in most places. If they are so for buses then make them 24hr.

  • How do you feel about them allowing motorcyclists to use bus lanes?

  • Damn just got to the page when he was banned and left.

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Cycle superhighways are getting rid of bus lanes

Posted by Avatar for SouthLondoner @SouthLondoner