Cycle superhighways are getting rid of bus lanes

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  • I find it shocking that the new cycle superhighway from Oval to Vauxhall has, in fact, got rid of a dedicated bus lane northbound. What this does is giving priority to a private means of transportation, however green and eco-friendly, like the bicycle, over a public one, like the bus. Not every one can or should want to cycle; grannies, families with babies and all the other Londoners who have a gazillion reasons not to cycle will be negatively affected because their bus journey times will be much longer. I understand prioritising green over non-green means of transportation; but private over public?

    Am I the only one who thinks this is bonkers?

  • Am I the only one who thinks this is bonkers?


  • And you think it's OK because....?

  • Joins forum yesterday. Immediately posts thread about bus lanes. Poor trolling. 0/10. Back to the Evening Standard comment section with you.

  • A bike is on average 20,000 times more efficient than a bus.. There should be more bike lanes making bus lanes dedundent. It's a mad world..

  • I know, get a load of bikes, say 100, tie em together with bungees, and have a difficult person with a God complex sit on the bike at the front....then, it can poodle around aimlessly, cutting people up etc, before pulling in and letting bus wankers jump on (for an inflated fee).

    It's a winner!

  • Obviously you are suggesting they should have got rid of the normal carriageway instead. I'd be ok with that.

  • @Aroogah

    So asking a question is trolling?

    If no comment even remotely critical. Of cyclists is allowed, forum rules should say so clearly.
    Otherwise, don't call me a troll just because you don't want to answer an inconvenient question, which, by the way, is the very same the Transport watchdog asked at the time.

  • @stedlocks
    so asking a question is trolling, yet calling bus users wankers is OK. Are these the forum rules? Am I right in suspecting that if a user were to call cyclists wankers he'd be banned, but a cyclist can call non-cyclists wankers? Congratulations, guys, lovely forum you have

  • @Thrasher

    Define efficient. Efficient for whom?
    How about those who can't cycle, eg grannies, families with babies, people with luggage? You don't care about them because you don't belong to those categories, right?

  • Nah you've got it all wrong, it's fine to call cyclists wankers.

    I mean, you joined a cycling forum so you must be a cyclist and you seem like a bit of a wanker.

    Then there's the Dulwich Paragon, massive bunch of wankers.

  • Likening the op to Dulwich Paragon was obviously the last straw! Very harsh.

  • My granny cycles. Y U so prejudiced against grannies?

    I think you've come to the wrong forum tho brother. We hate cycley cunts too. Nodders, promuters, floaty skirt women - all wankers that need to stay at home so we can fixieskid up the middle of traffic jams at 25mph without them getting in our way.

    No one should be allowed get in our way. Don't they know who we are?

  • It's equally not terrifically efficient having all those cyclists riding in teh bus lane.

    And probably one of the biggest of the gazillion reasons not to cycle you mention is the perception of danger at having to share the road with all the motorised vehicles, which the superhighways help deal with. It's been noticeable the increase in mums & dads with young kids I've seen cycling through Vauxhall since the new lane was opened.

    I'd be very happy for their just to be a bus lane and the superhighway heading through there as it happens - maybe you should campaign to remove the "normal traffic" lane.

  • I've seen buses squeezing through the bike lane believe it or not, eventually tailgating a cyclist until it reaches a bus stop. This was just after Clapham north.

    Similar thing on the embankment the bike lane appears to have operating hours as well.!? Again I seen cab 's bolt down during traffic periods even the odd car here and there. There could easily be a hard to see cyclist there taking a supposedly safe way home.

    lines starting with a 'greater than' denote quoted text

  • @Hefty

    And I'm sure your granny is representative of the tens thousands of grannies who cycle into central London. Odd, I always see mainly people in their 20s to 40s, mainly male and disproportionately white, cycling into central London, while all the other categories seem to be on buses and tubes.

  • @Brookly_Bay

    Oh, yes, sure, and what happens to 'normal traffic' then? Not your problem, right?

  • So, basically, not a single person on this forum is prepared to acknowledge that segregated cycle highways have been and will be inconveniencing users of public transport. The utter disrespect for other road users is amazing.

  • This is partly what the superhighways are designed to address - making the conditions pleasant enough to attract people to cycling from outside the current demographic.

    This seems to be working.

  • That's true...every single member of this forum has replied. You win.

    I think they ^ have a forum dedicated to people who care....

  • @wildwest

    With all due respect, so what? Single cases are utterly irrelevant. I am a motorcyclist. If I had received a penny every time I saw a cyclist doing something stupid and worthy of the Darwin awards (­rds ), I'd be a billionaire by now.
    I'm sure you can tell similar stories of motorcyclists who misbehaved on the road, of course.

  • @Brookly_Bayto
    to the detriment of all those people who can't cycle and whose bus journeys will take much longer, but who cares about them, since they are not organised in super aggressive lobbies like cyclists are?

  • "normal traffic" is what should be penalised. I've used a poor choice of words there as they % of people who own a car in London is relatively small (I think its about 70% of people who never drive in Lodnon) and hence 'Normal traffic' is actually probably public transport. I would fully support removing traffic lanes and keeping bus lanes.

    This "not your problem" seems a bit "them and us" - I'm sure most of us on here both ride bikes AND get public transport AND walk AND sometime drive in London.

  • Oh man. It's been a while since we had motorcyclists trolling the forum. Anyone remember Big Blowy Ben? Good times.

    @Velocio - can we Rickroll @Southlondoner every time he hits the home page?

    Please. For old times sakes....

  • I don't believe it is particularly to the detriment of bus users - I'm not convinced the journeys are taking longer - do you have any evidence to suggest otherwise? Also, in most parts of the superhighway, TFL have avoided removing bus lanes.

    And generally - the more bikes there are on the superhighway then the less traffic there is on the road. If you'd prefer, everyone who rides a bike into London could get in a car for a day? I'm sure the traffic flow would be just fine.

    Anyway, this debate is likely to go on and on, and I have breakfast to eat.

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Cycle superhighways are getting rid of bus lanes

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