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  • While picking up a BB from @Cheetah a few months back my eyes where blinded.
    There was a white Brooklyn sitting on his suburban driveway and it was asking to be ridden.
    I came back and he gave me a little tour of the area. Around the river, over a bridge - Topped off with a chat about war.

    Me: "I need this bike"
    Girlfriend: " You dont need it do you"
    Me: Of course I dont.

    Obviously I bought one as soon as it came up.

    Its a short - built in Taiwan so it must be terrible. According to a certain Ben who shall remain partially anonymous. Plan is to build it up for summer use mostly commuting on road but have the ability to take on gravel and mud. List:

    Headset - Brooklyn
    Stem - Thomson Elite
    Bars - Black generic MTB bars about 70cm
    Seatpost - Brooklyn
    Saddle - Stripped Black Flite
    Cranks - Black Sugino RD2's
    BB - Sugino 103mm axel
    Pedals - Time Atac Carbon (Old Version)
    Hubs / Rims / Spokes - Paul Track hubs (need these) / Archetypes / DT Comps (Need these as well)
    Tyres - Rubino 32 - Gumwall

    Plan is to sort the wheels then get some security - Anyone had experiences with Atomic 22? £150 for a few small bits of metal seem a bit steep.. I am sure its probably worth it. Also - Need some stickers doing - Anyone with the power to knock out some of these:

    I am sure this bike will go through changes during its time with me so the thread is just documenting that. I have a pipe dream to taking it the NY one day.. So that might happen. For now..getting it ready for Gangsta Party 2016.

    Initial Pics:

  • I never understood the hype around these bikes, but now get it fully and kinda want one. Good luck with the build!

  • Thanks man. Neither did I until I rode one.

  • Did you get that paint done? Looks ace!

    Atomic22 are good but if you find the thread on here it sounds like they might be having some production issues at the moment...

  • Yus, great colour! Will look good with a gumwall.

    Get better cranks tho, rd2's aren't that great,

  • you had bad experiences?

  • Had them on a track champion and they are just kinda flexy, try get some second hand 75's or omniums.

    And not track bcd is annoying.

  • are you buying them or do you have them already?

  • Paint came with the bike.. Looks good - bit of rust

    Ive ordered some Kryptonite WheelNutz - ill do some feedback­bHw

  • Thanks man I'll keep a lookout.

  • I dont have them yet.. You selling?

  • @Thrasher I thought I was reading a love story at first but its looking good, the colour is a lot richer than I'd imagined, but we can ride a lot when I'm back and talk more about current conflicts

  • Nah I don't, but if you're getting them new it might be worth saving for something slightly nicer?... Do they need to be black?

  • get some 2nd hand 75 s.
    you cant beat em in my mind.
    alternatively i have a 170mm silver driveside omnium crank you can have in exchange of a cook daily if you can find the otherside?

    ps - i got some stickers from when i was gon get one. will get em for you g.­Hand-Crank-Omnium-GXP-Super-Aluminium-16­5mm-170mm-Crank-Length-/361435275330?var­=&hash=item542738a042:m:m1PtH7QJRqSB-eZQ­bSg0g-g

    its black but will work? and cheaper than anythin better. could get em powdercoated or remove black anodisin

  • What's wrong with Paul hubs? I thought they had a pretty good rep. Yeh black is the way to go for this build I think

  • The Paul hubs are fine in my experience. Chainline is 45mm though.

    Edit - chainline is listed as 44mm on the Paul site for the high Flange rear. Sure it was 45 when I got mine.

  • This is why I want them - rd2 is 45mm..

  • Xxx

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  • Please no RD2 cranks. Just spend a little extra and get black Sugino 75s. Bit hard to find, but well worth it.

  • Ok - 75's it is

  • Had a nice Time accross the pond. Also couldn't help myself to a pair of these. Just waiting on spokes and spoke tensioner/dishing tool.

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  • Also got given some time atacs by the dude with the beard in BLB. He said he didn't think they could be serviced so gave them away..Lolz. I need a tool to get the cap open and some new bearings.. Good chance to try ceramics me thinks.

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Brooklyn Garage

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