LFGSS CC - Skinsuit

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  • @eyebrows

    How did the M crit feel in the 'Assos man' position?

  • I am confused between S and XS tbh .. 170cm 63-65kg, 29 inch waist.

    I wear XS rapha

  • Pretty perfect, no looseness anywhere.

  • XS for you will be fine I would think.

  • Here to answer any questions until 5.

  • cool I'll get XS, thanks!

  • Cool, definitely XS in both. Final answer.

  • Was everyone able to put the suits on themselves, when trying a tight size?

    Ps. Thx guys

  • If you're planning for the road skinsuit, I think medium will be fine as the material is quite stretchy compared to the crit. But I guess it is best to confirm it with @6pt as I think he is a similar build to you.

  • Yep. The fabric (for the road at least, I didn't try the crit) is nice and stretchy

  • Yup, would definitely be the road. @6pt any input would be much appreciated, ta.

  • feedback on sleeves? On a scale of chainbreaker to quintana .. how big?

  • Hoke: 2 Crit (M), 2 Road (S)
    TheArchitect: 1 Road (M)
    JJ: 1 Road (M)
    DanM: 1 Road (S)
    Amey: 1 Road (XS)
    Hovis: 1 Road (S)
    Eyebrows: 1 Crit (M), 2 Road(S).

    @Thuekr: 1 Road (M) and shipping to Copenhagen, since the suit wont be ready to do a pickup @ #Thundercrit

  • Quite important announcement
    So we're obviously doing this around several people's working days.
    We will have a final update later on today (at 17:00 or thereabouts) with all the correct details- i.e. how to order, deadline for orders, designs and sizes. It may well be in a new thread as this is a mess (sorry @HoKe).

    **The current most likely path is to have two options for the ROAD suit. One Long sleeve. One Short Sleeve. The Road suit sizing is well documented on here and is understandable. It is a very neat piece of kit which has multiple uses, compared to the niche Crit(Track) suit- and as you can see from the photos, if you size correctly you will have a beautifully aero garment. **

    This is to do with 1. completely understandable logistics at Milltag (they're bending over backwards to push our order through. 2. the design load. and 3. The Crit suit being a complex issue.

    Before then is time to ask any questions you may have here, and within reason one of us will try answer them. (ie sizing, padding, dressing to the right or the left or not at all, etc).

    Hope that's OK.

  • Quintana, although there is a bit of stretch. Genuinely thought I was going to rip the cuffs on the med Crit putting it on

  • So, Ho, you go spamming the whole forum with this, except for the TT thread. Mmmkay. :)

    Ladies and gent

    Presumably the gent in question must be ChainBreaker?

  • I want one

  • Everyone wants a ChainBreaker.

  • Organising is definitely not my strong point! =/

    Thanks @eyebrows look forward to the new thread.

  • You doing extremely well.

  • Definitely in.
    Definitely road.
    Definitely medium.


LFGSS CC - Skinsuit

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