Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine

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  • Concept 2 Model D rowing machine. It has seen a year of light use and is in very good condition. Selling before a house move.

    Works with Garmin HR straps and has bluetooth interface for various types of training software .

    They are £860 new and sell on eBay for ~£700.

    We are selling for £550 for quick sale. Collection from SE1.­model-d

  • £525. Final price drop before eBay

  • Bump - if anyone has a Concept 2 they would sell let me know!

  • Unless you decided to keep it after all @Stonehedge

  • We have the very model, great machine.

  • Sorry mate, ended up selling it for £700ish on Ebay. Wish I hadn't though!

  • I of course expected as much but thought I’d chance it. With my Achilles injury I’m not running much so want to give rowing a go

  • These have been like hen’s teeth, I’ve been trying to get hold of one all through lockdown. By the way I’m on their waiting list and they are saying they might start shipping to UK mid June...

  • I understand C2 UK have a 1200 unit backlog

    And the vermont (USA) factory has only recently partially restarted production

    I have a C2 dynamic for sale, as-new, boxed up ready, PM me for details

  • I got an ex-gym one via facebook earlier this week, £250. Well used but perfectly serviceable, head unit not working but there's a place on eBay that will repair for £50 and if they can't then no charge. Seemed well worth a punt

  • What PM do you have? I had a similar issue with an old PM2 where the batteries had leaked and damaged the board. I found the repair only lasted a while and it soon broke again. Nearly every issue you will see comes from leaking batteries. I would just buy a new PM as they are better in every way and your old one will go again.
    Replacement PM5 are available direct from C2 for about £145 (not sure what supply is like currently). On the older monitors you are limited to what you can connect to it. The PM5 is ant+ and bluetooth compatible. The C2 forums are full of info about this and worth a read.

  • Going to look at Facebook or whether I can rent one from my gym

  • I ended up buying a moody Chinese one as a stop gap. Seems ok to me but my son tells me it's bullshit compared to the concept D.

  • Try the Waterrower. I much prefer mine to a C2. Quieter, better looking and a more 'rowing' like feel.

  • Not in the same league when it comes to training. C2 is the preferred choice for competitive rowers and rowing clubs and just about every gym out there.

  • If you’re buying second hand it’s worth checking that the machine is capable of the correct amount of drag. Older models even set to ‘10’ on the fan on the side can’t provide the required resistance.
    You can check this on the monitor by going into settings finding the ‘display drag’ (or some such wording) and taking a couple of firm strokes and you should be able to see what it can achieve.
    Think of drag like gearing on a bike. High drag is like a high gear on a bike.

  • The head unit is a PM-2, doesn’t look like the batteries have leaked. Will get a friend who knows stuff to have a look but from above doesn’t sound like it’s worth bothering with a repair unless it’s for pennies

  • Check the tracks on the board the damage should be obvious to see.
    All PM2 monitors are now over twenty years old and you will struggle to still find one working well without fault. There is no connectivity to a HR monitor or phone. Not good if you want to see your stats on C2 logbook etc.

  • I was a competitive rower and used the c2 for years and year and years. Have spilt more vomit on it than I care to remember! I enjoy the waterrower and personally see no disbenefit of it compared to the c2.

  • Absolutely no interest in connectivity to phone or posting stats so no problem there!

    I can’t see any trace of a leaked battery but will get it checked out to try and isolate the problem

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Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine

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