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  • Question for all you CdeF lovers. I'm planning on building a gravel bike. I'm stuck between the Croix De Fer framset or a Vagabond.

    I already have a fast tourer, so would a Croix De Fer be too similar?
    Should I just go for the Monster Cross option?

    I rode mountain bikes a lot as a teenager and took the road bike off road a lot last year (I've properly wrecked the wheels as a result), would the Croix De Fer not give me enough extra capability?

    Most of my "off-road" riding is the bridleways around the North and South Downs, although getting up into Epping Forest isn't out of the question.

    I really don't want to buy a hardtail mountain bike, I enjoy the road sections between the "gravel" bits too much!

  • Sounds like the vagabond of Fugio sounds like a better choice for what you want to do rather then CdF. I have an older one (2014?) that was sold as a cx bike but I’d definitely put it in the tourer bracket rather than gravel bracket. Plenty of changes since, might depend what wheels/tyres you want to run as the clearance may be the limiting factor

  • Yeah as above, it sounds like a cdf might not be quite right for what you’re after. I love mine, but I wish I could fit more tyre in it. There are some shots of 650b clearance in my thread here if it helps - I’ve been trying to get the beefiest tyres I can in my frame

  • reactivated my cdf. removed the mudgards, less positive stem and new tires on the way.

  • Yep, I pulled the plug and ordered a Vagabond frame. Should arrive in the next couple of days. Thanks for all the comments here.

  • Nice! (But I would say that - I’ve got the same colour cdf)

    Are those RS685 shifters? I just whacked some of those and some 785 callipers on my cdf after struggling with spyres all autumn and winter. Not had a test run yet but I’m hoping to notice the difference.

  • if i remember right yes, already have the bike since 5 years

  • the best era cdf.

    very well done

  • Anyone looking for a lovely carbon fork for their CdF?­37/#comment15957004

  • oops only just seen this, thanks!

  • Not quite where this was supposed to be, as a shop messed up a crown race install, so a bit of wait for the full steel fork + rack vibe.

    However, temporary road bike cover mode success!

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  • as a shop messed up a crown race install

    HOW! a very simple process!

    Edit: Very nice build btw :)

  • Asked them to install crown race - they did it while I waited and noted it took a bit longer than usual due to the amount of paint.

    So much paint it squished the race out and deformed it.

    The fork was new and clearly needed cutting. And facing.

  • ahh right.

    Never heard of paint deforming races before but I guess it can happen!

    What are the plans for the new forks?

  • It’s a set of light blue Darwin forks that have pretty much the same a-c and ALL the mounts. Just sold my inbred so the pizza rack from that is moving to this bike for work/life/camp duties!

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Croix de Fer owners club

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