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  • I have been thinking about a gravel or MTB lately, but after a quick check this week it does seem that it will be difficult to find a new one available in the next few months. And then I remembered I had my commuter that is sitting there unused now for almost a year... It's a 2015 Croix de Fer with a mix of SRAM Rival/Apex 1x groupset. See picture attached.

    This thread and others here have been great source of inspiration, but it would be great to have suggestions on what to do first to make it a decente gravel bike?


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  • Just put 38mm G-one all rounds and wait until the trails dry out. That's all I did to mine.

  • i have turned my same frame into a gravel, also with a mix of sram apex/force groupset, cable shifters with hydro calipers. I have put some light whisky carbon forks to lighten it up, hope+stans tubeless wheels with 35mm knobbly tyres. as said above 38mm g-ones clear in summer.
    keep thinking that at some point i should upgrade the frame but it does the job well

  • Yeah, just Chuck the biggest tyres you can fit in it. If your local gravel routes are anything like mine, you’ll want something that can handle lots of mud! I’ve currently got 700x40s in my cdf and I reckon I could fit a little bigger.

  • Thanks guys. Will look for wider knobbly tyres. I want to be able to ride some muddy trails on it. It doesn't seem UK have the best selection of gravel "actual gravel" trails, so I want it to be versatile.

    From the discussions here it seems pointless to go 650b? Looks like these older CdF won't have a much bigger clearance Vs 700c. Am I right? Any tyre recommendations?

    I also need to finally get hold to adjust those TRP Hy/ Rd brakes, they don't bite as much as I'd like.

  • You’ll get a little more tyre in there with 650b but yeah, they’re not made for it. Check my thread here for a photo of some 47mm senderos in my CDF

  • Carbon fork was the best upgrade I made to mine, cut about a kilogram off the weight! Made a pretty decent gravel bike, did Dirty Reiver on it with no issue.

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  • IMO if you want to ride mud on a cdf, get some 33-35 cyclocross tyres. Preferably 33 if you've got CLAG. I put 40mm (came up smaller) smart sams into mine and it was pretty good, but they weren't tubeless and punctured a bit much for my liking.

    If you can run it tubeless that'll help too for le bridleways.


    something like that, loose the rack and widest tyres you can fit with clearance

    job done

  • Never knew this thread existed or that there were so many on here already! Just run through a number of updates to change my CdF from commuter to something a bit more fun given commuting seems to be a thing of the past for a while longer yet...

    Second is how it was, the top is as it now stands.

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  • Looking great. Ventured out yesterday and got a bit muddy, had to remove the wheels to clean the mud as my wheels stopped turning.

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  • Nice to see this thread again. Both looking great @jambon @C4r1s.

    I think this may be approaching its final form now. Needs flaps and some kind of neater solution for the dynamo wire.

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  • This is top notch.

  • Thanks! This is how it looked when I picked it up.

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  • seconded. i have some cross boss 35mm on mine and wouldnt go any bigger for winter conditions. the seatstays and chainstays bridges catch mud too easily on anything bigger

  • That really scrubbed up well. Nice job.

  • Looks great, what stem and chainset?

  • @jambon is that a replacement fork?

  • Thanks!

    Stem is made by Genetic (don’t think it had a name...), essentially a poor mans velo orange high stack.

    Cranks are spa cycles own (RD2?) triple crankset running middle and inner for a subcompact range with TA chainrings. Couldn’t find subcompact in silver and this seemed to work for me. Square taper though

  • Took mine for a shakedown today and it was just wet round here. Think all the mud got washed way in the floods over the last few days...

    Liking your fork, considered something similar for front loading. What is it, Surly?

  • Yarp, Surly straggler fork

  • Very nice!!

  • Do you have a model number for the callipers, please? I am finally getting around to replacing the brakes for hydraulic ones, only to find that no one makes hydraulic post-mount callipers (for lower-end brakes/shifters).

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Croix de Fer owners club

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