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  • Not sure if it helps but I’ve used spacers to mount one of those racks to those tabs before, in order to clear the width of the forks.

  • Yeah I’m going to give that a try today. May end up in the rack thread later.

  • FWIW I managed to just about get 650x47 WTB senderos in to my CDF frame. I have bugger all clearance either side of the tyres at the chainstay, but extending the dimples is apparently an easy modification which I’m getting done at some point.

  • I sent my steel frame (transition rapture) up to a friend frame builder and he crimped no trouble. Worth checking how crimped the stays are now

  • I've chatted to Pi at Clandestine who seemed to think it's a pretty easy job. If he can essentially extend the existing dimples a little further to where a 650b tyre hits, it'll be plenty of clearance for my needs (5mm+ each side)

  • How do the Senderos measure up? I have a pair of Schwalbe G Ones that are exactly 47mm, and I'm wondering if they'd fit in a CdF frame.

  • Measured them earlier with Calipers - came up at 46mm wide. Not much room either side at all so I think 47mm might be pushing it.

  • Thanks! Much appreciated. Back to the drawing board, I think. Where are all the budget all-road frames? Only the 8bar Mitte V2 fits the bill (QR, 650b x 47, cheap) but it's just so...sensible.

  • Getting the chainstay dimples does seem to be an easy and cheap modification to give a CDF a bit more clearance there. Not sure when I’ll get round to getting it done on mine but I’ll report back. I just can’t really face stripping the bike down right now - I use it more than all my other bikes Put together

  • It'd be great to hear how you get on. I did consider dimpling my Kaffenback, but with the existing dimples inside the chainstays plus the chainring dimple on the outside, there's no room left on the drive side chainstay. Is the CdF already dimpled on the outside and/or inside?

  • Here’s a photo from underneath so you can see the existing dimples both sides. I’ve no idea yet if extending those inner dimples further rearwards would cause issues with the drive side dimple.

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  • The dimples don't look as cramped as the Kaff. Go for it, I'd say!

    Those are the Senderos, right? Do you get any tyre rub? The non-drive side clearance on my Kaff is tighter than this (misaligned dropouts, I think) and I haven't had any problems with it aside from the odd leaf stuck in the mudguard.

    (I don't think I've ever typed the word "dimple" so much in such a short period of time. Dimple dimple dimple.)

  • Ah, no these are 700x40 in that photo! There’s a similar photo but with the senderos in on this thread (second page I think).

  • (I don't think I've ever typed the word "dimple" so much in such a short period of time. Dimple dimple dimple.)

    Ha! Yeah it’s not a word I commonly use either! Dimple

  • Aha, okay! I just found your other picture and yeah, that is some minimal clearance. Thanks for pointing that out.

    It's funny; I've seen plenty of photos of CdFs running Horizons with no apparent issues - I wonder if different model years / variants vary in terms of clearance? Doesn't fill me with confidence that a leftover 2020 frame would take the tyres I want it to.

  • Riding across Mull

  • Awesome, looks lovely. We did Glasgow to Inverness via NCR78 last year and keen to get back. Loving the suitcase.

  • what crank is that? old xtr? how?

  • I’m not really sure how 47mm fairly slick tyres would compare to 47mm knobbly tyres, but I guess you’re less likely to have issues with mud clogging in the stays perhaps?

    I had ridden the senderos like that and they were fine, but it was wet and the mud wasn’t sticking around. I wouldn’t want to chance it in conditions where it’s likely to get clogged.

  • what crank is that? old xtr? how?

    yes, wouldn't have managed those mountains (I rode accross the trossachs after Mull) without the 24t chainring. They are made for a wider BB but you just need a couple of 2mm spacers. Longer spindle also gave the benefit of eliminating heel rub on my NDS chainstay.

  • Why the suitcase?

  • It's a paint box.

  • (that's not western scotland by the way, that's tuscany)

  • Wow, that's lovely and a nice way to travel

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Croix de Fer owners club

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