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  • sks bluemels

  • Do you have any details about the bag/rack setup you are using here?

    I'm massively inspired by @spotter 's custom bigxtop bag, but I think I'd like something slightly smaller and using a smaller rack. Currently considering something more similar to the standard Bigxtop Rando Bar bag, but without the Klickfix mounting, and resting on something like the VO Randonneur front rack.

  • Here's my croix on it's first New York spin, moved here for a year and will be riding to the west coast on it at the end of the year. Not a great pic, saddle and finishing kit will be changed at some point.

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  • Enjoying the Ti over in BC - supremely comfortable and capable!


  • The bag is a Big top rando bag. The rack is a nitto m18. Jordan made the bag to fit another rack, see @ObiWomKenobi lht thread, my bag was the same as he got Jordan to make, as we both had the same rack, cheap job from sjs cycles.

  • Perfect thanks, I just found that LHT thread and that is almost exactly what I'm looking for!

  • Is Jordan on here, or is it best to contact him via the website?

  • He is @jtrent90. I pm'd him on here then sorted payment through is site.

  • I've got my eye on an 931 CdF frameset with the 2016 carbon fork - anyone got any definitive answer to whether I'd be able to fit 38mm Barlow Pass slicks plus guards on it?

  • I got 40c nanos in my cdf. So unless they come up massive, don't see why not. Edit: Just finished reading your post properly, maybe not with guards.

  • Hmm, its not essential, would be happy to go for 35's - just figuring out what's possible. Cheers!

  • whats the fork? lovely build

  • There's currently 25% off rrp on the Croix de Fer 20 at my employer's cycle to work supplier so I've ordered one in for a test ride next week. Same model as the one in the OP for this thread.

    None of my current bikes are suitable for off road or touring so I can potentially justify the purchase that way :-). It will genuinely give me other route options for my commute which is quite an attractive prospect.

    Hopefully the XL will be suitable for me at 6'4". I gather the geometry has changed in the last year or two.

  • Here's mine

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  • i prefer spacer stack instead of that stem

  • They can't because of lack of steerer, however...

  • Agreed - but no steerer to work with at the moment. If, someday, I get around to switching forks I'll go for a less radical stem!

  • See my post, you can get a high stack stem.

  • oooooh I like this idea! it has a certain retro quill stem-y look to it too. I will look into this. Thanks!

  • Pretty tempted by a cdf... Looking to pic something up second hand.

    Finding sizing little odd. Im 6'3" and ride 60cm on straight geo and 58 on semi. Toptubes tend to be circa 57cm on past and present frames, with 110mm stems.

    Anything close to this on the Genesis is a really small seattube length. Are they simply a longer frame owing to clearances etc?

  • look at stack and reach data, as top tube length can verify based on seat tube- and head tube angles.

    i'm 6.3 ft too and riding a Large one

  • ok, thanks. Nice ride... ;)

  • I've just bought a 2014 Croix de Fer 56 frame on the basis that all my bikes have a 56cm top tube and now fitting wheels and seat post/saddle it's looking pretty small, with a lot of extended post and small head tube. I just want to know if you guys went a size up, to compensate for fitting a shorter stem for example? Thanks

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  • I would say no, I have a Medium (56cm) CDF and a 56cm Cervelo and am very happy with both.

    It looks like the geo that you posted is slightly different to the 2016 geo that I ride (on the current CDF webpage), however if I found the CdF to have comparatively high stack and short reach. If I slam the stem on my CdF and use a 130mm stem then I'm able to achieve a position that has c. 1cm more stack and 1cm less reach than my current position on my Cervelo which I'm pretty happy with.

    LBS tried to talk me into getting a L CdF but I'm glad I didn't.

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Croix de Fer owners club

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