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  • in terms of speed and weight no doubt ! apart from that it's pretty much the same build... ill see how this one fares with lighter shoes on.

  • Has anyone managed to get 40mm smart Sam's into their cdf? 2k16 version but clearance wise they're not much different to the newer ones as I understand it.

    Any other recommendations for something knobbly that might have a chance in the mud?

  • Time to take a dive into cyclocross tyres? Road speed will take a hit but it'll help a lot off road over UK winter.

  • I fit 42mm Continental Sport Contact IIs in my 2016 Croix de Fer. They're slick, but they had room to spare.

    For mud I use 35mm Continental CycloXKings. Cheap, & not wonderful tyres, but they do grip pretty well in mud from my experience.

  • Cheap is better than wonderful IMO.

    42mm sport contacts maybe for the summer szn. I'm going to remove mudguards and try to make the ride a bit less "do it all"

  • Yeah, its just that they're all like, 33mm and I feel like there's clearance for bigger. Then again I don't really understand "mud clearance"

  • I'm about to try and squeeze 35c wtb cross boss in my dolan - you're bound to have more mud clearance than that

  • Does anyone know if a Tubus Tara front rack will mount with level horizontal stays on the 2019 straight fork?

    Also, do you think the current 725 complete bike having thru axles is a sign that they are coming to the 725 frameset option as well instead of the QR? I think it would make sense, and I don't understand why they haven't made the move yet.

  • coming to the 725 frameset option as well instead of the QR?

    I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t happen. The fork is sadly still an uni crown, which to me would be a bigger priority than bolt through. Give it a nice shoulder!

  • Anyone tried or heard of/read any reviews of the 2019 frame?

    Not a fan of the colour, but may be able to get my hands on a good deal and am wondering whether it's worth switching from my 2013 frame.

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  • bigger clearances, a bit slacker from back then too, depends how good of a deal, used CDF is an easy sell, depending on size.. hello!

  • thanks good to know! I may try it out, though I quite like my old version.

  • The 2020 has flat mount brake mounts.

  • Avoid that then!!

  • 40c smart Sams with loads of room. Maybe because they come up at 37 on my stock wheelset

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  • Would horizons go on a CDF?

  • Is actually not that much space but whatever

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  • Help a brother out. I do about 40 miles a day on a Brompton S2L and need something a bit more suited. 6ft 2in and am looking hard at a Croix de fer or some Canyon gravel nonsense.

    Just need to be comfortable and fast over the distance.

    Edit: the Brompton is surprisingly great at this but I’m wearing it out and want the right tool for the job.


  • Recently discovered this, mega bargain.

  • Make it a 6 speed and let me service it... super commute Brompton in no time!

  • Ooo - that's really nice - thanks for the heads up.

  • Done 6 speeds. They’re faster most of the time but not after an hour and they weigh half a kilo more. 2 speed super light is the sweet spot.

  • Definitely mega bargain. I guess the appeal of the Genesis is perceived longevity from the frame material but I shouldn’t be snobby about aluminium.

  • Defo faster, depends on your riding style of course! Rohloff?

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Croix de Fer owners club

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