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  • Can any one tell me what the brake mounttype is on a 2016 CdF ? Post mount, flat mount?

  • IS160 - easy enough to run postmount with an adaptor

  • I’m contemplating selling my CDF as a change of jobs means I’m no longer commuting.

    It’s a 2016 olive green 20 but I’ve spent £600 on upgrading the wheels fairly recently.

    Any ideas on value?

  • Photos and spec?

    Olive green colour was very popular!

  • Cheers,

    Will take some pics if I’m certain it’s going.

    Standard spec apart from new ultegra bottom bracket.

    Wheels are H plus Son on DT Swiss 350 hubs

  • My little (being the operative word) beauty
    Been through 4 years as a courier bike and still flying

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  • Just put a new shimano GRX hydro disc group on my black 2015 Croix. braking is amazingly responsive and I love the heavy old thing again and want to take it off road, but need to cut the weight a bit. Current 36 spoke touring wheels are super heavy. Can anyone recommend me a wheelset? My needs are:

    6 bolt disc
    10 speed
    1800g ish or less
    around 250-350 £


  • Hope 20five are £400 rrp, pro 4 or rs4 hubs.

    Pick those up for £200-250

    Avoid Novatec even if your bargain hunting.

  • What's wrong with novatec

  • Seen them fail too many times on the sub £500 range, just being a bit too light, free hubs dying left right and center

  • 20five are £400 rrp, pro 4 or rs4 hubs.

    Thanks. They need to be strong if I'm replacing the touring wheels, so will avoid the novatecs. Would be nice not to have the faff of storing more spare wheels.

    the 20fives/pro4 come out at around 1900g which I've realised is pretty light. Current wheelset probably nearly 3kg.

  • GRX is great eh, my work friend has it and the braking is mind blowing. Can’t justify replacing my RS685 currently but maybe one day.

    The hope 20five rims aren’t all that tough as I found out on tour.

    Unless you’re a featherweight and by “off road” You’re talking about plodding along forest roads I’d avoid. Great hubs tho.

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  • Ooh shit. I'm now thinking of going with some extra chunky MTB rims, might look nuts on a tourer but whatevs. Any suggestions?

  • Unlucky.

    I have had 3 pairs in the household, im 95kg,the wife about 65/70kg and mine have ridden most MTB trails on the quantocks.

  • Most MTB rims aren’t designed to take grav/road pressures - I had my hubs rebuilt into the grav specific DT GR531DB which are a beastly 28mm external/24mm internal and each weighs about 100g more than the hope rim - time will tell but hoping I’ve found the right balance of quality, weight and strength.

    @r.hobbs maybe, I have heard other tales of this happening to hope rims.

  • Yep, mate had a split in exactly the same way, not that many miles on them.

    He's not exactly graceful on a bike but expected more.

  • Just in case anyone is interested: I've got a 50cm 2015 CdF in black that I'm looking to shift. Can do it as is (Tiagra/mavic a19/hope/kinlin wheels) or sell just the frame.

  • What did you do about mounting the flat mount brakes onto the post mount frame?

  • £££ frame only?

  • 20191105-103653

  • Never before have I liked a bike with so much brown. Good work. What's your rack solution?

  • i got it on here, the seller has taken down the details and i cant remember the maker ( I got roasted on the genesis dads forum for using the eyelets )

  • Tbf I'm with the roasters, I'd be putting it on steel. Looks cool though!

  • What did you do about mounting the flat mount brakes onto the post mount frame?

    Took a bit of searching for this!­/flat-mount-adapter-for-is-frame/

    And it took some careful filing down to get the pads perfectly centered as it allows not adjustment. I also widened one of the bolt holes for a bit of wiggle. And it means you have to run a 180mm rotor on the front, which is no bad thing in any case.

  • nice but your RAG was better

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Croix de Fer owners club

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