specialized awol front rack "pizza rack"

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  • Looking for some advice regrading the rack that comes on the front of the Awol. I really want to get one for my straggler but will it fit?? By the looks of it the mid fork bolts are adjustable? Does anyone else have any experience mounting it to bikes that aren't the awol?

    The rack just looks perfect for what I need and I cant seem to see any others like it on the market.

  • Here's a close up of the mount... Haven't had a chance to try and fit it myself yet though!

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  • I took off the triangle thing and fit it on my suspension corrected 26" fork using only the top boss. It sits way lower than the Racktime Topit I had on before (which also is a nice rack for cheap).
    The quality is not incredible though. One of the bosses sits a good mm farther out than the other, so the connection from struts to top doesn't sit flush until I get the file out. And the colour wore off on the stop thing in the back after 10 minutes of carrying some wood.
    I would also prefer it if the single mounting point was threaded.
    But then its cheap compared to other racks.

    If you have the Straggler fork with the mounts on top, there should be nice Surly racks available for more money?

  • Hey thanks for getting back to me @c.h.e. @deasuk2013 its appreciated. @c.h.e. To be honest that sounds perfect for me. I'm all for cheap and cheerful/ rough and ready. I cant see another rack like it on the market. It has a large platform which is great for light cargo and day to day use and then it has the pannier mounts for when I wanna do light touring. And yet it doesnt look unsightly like other front pannier racks.

    Do you know if there is anywhere in the uk where I can get one? I can only see them coming from the states...

  • @deasuk what are you gonna fit it to?

  • P.s @deasuk2013 @c.h.e. that was me on the wrong account whoops...

  • I asked a big specialized dealer if they had them in stock, they did. So I went there, checked if I liked the fit on the bike, and bought it.
    But I am in Berlin, can't see this making a difference though.

    And guess you are right, might be the only one with mounts for panniers and mid fork mounting.

    Its a great rack, no doubt.

  • Yeah I think Ill go ahead and scourse one. Thanks for the help.

  • Any links to anywhere with stock and UK shipping? :)

    6 pages deep on google: (http://www.hibike.com/specialized-pizza-­rack-28-vorderrad-gepaecktraeger-p3deeab­5552d531429d108195fee4e69b)

  • Yeah I ordered mine from HiBike. Going to fit it to an Arkose, just need to tweak the mount to fit under the fork crown...

  • It's where I got mine and am waiting for it (Distributor stock). Couple of people did the same here.
    Speshy UK do not stock it nor do they intend to according to the sales rep

  • Whats the shipping to the uk like from hiBike? Anyone got any experience?

  • Pretty quick, about a week I think... maybe slightly longer. Cost about £6.00 extra from what I remember.

  • Sounds good. I spoke to spesh and they said it'll be late july/august til they get any. That's if they do of course...

  • Thanks for the tip @Kluens - mine just shipped from hibike (ordered on Tues pm) for my AWOL Expert, which is now going into full commuter duties.

  • Got it. Had to wait for customs clearing for about 4 days. No charge.
    installed it and took it for a coastal spin. it's awesome.

  • Hey Chak

    What is that dope little rear boss-mount rack?
    Would it work up front?

  • Sure does, and beautifully too. It was the main rack before the pizza one. SJS stock them for cheap and they're sturdy as.

  • Awesome bike dude.

  • Thanks man. It was a skip salvage.

  • mint bike and the rack looks great. Can't wait to order mine. Ill probably go Hibike

  • Got it! Love it!

  • My turn!

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  • héhé !

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specialized awol front rack "pizza rack"

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