Wall of death

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  • Just been watching Guy Martin try and break the speed record for wall of death.
    Has anyone ever heard of a bicycle wall of death ?
    What speed would you have to do to stay on the wall ?

  • Google is your friend on this. Only one I've seen is guys from Northamptonshire- Bomberdrome, article in one of the earlier editions of Boneshaker iirc.

  • Pretty sure they had a bash in MBUK back in the 90s

  • Didn't Shanaze Reade do it on the same programme? Needed 25mph

  • 'Vintage Wall of Death.co.uk' does what it says on the tin...

    The last image in the gallery/slideshow is the aforementioned MBUK feature, no?.

  • Thanks guys! Time to give 'Jackass' a call

  • You need to watch the rest of Guy's Wall of Death programme, they did it with a bike on there as @Sam_w said above.

  • was chatting to my mate about this last night-he reminding me of...


  • Got booted off the TV for eastenders😳 I'll try and get it on catch up

  • Shenaze Reade did it on the smaller Ken Fox travelling roadshow Wall of Death. When Guy went for the record, they built a much bigger one otherwise the G forces generated would have been too much for the human body, according to the physics man on the program.

  • Anyone else feel these guy Martin things are always a bit half arsed?

    They said on the show that he got up to about 6g.

    I didn't watch the whole thing, just the record attempt bit so maybe he did but a bit of training and some compression stuff under his leathers and he coulda gone higher than that no?

    Also the bike seemed pretty unstable, pretty sure they use hardtails with very little front suspension either on the small walls, did nobody think there might be a reason for that?

    Same with most of the stuff in the 'Speed' series, there always seemed to be some little bit of poor planning or missed preparation that hindered the activity.

    Maybe that's the point, underdog, he's just a bike racer/truck mech doing all these things but just frustrates me.

  • He did do some training, out in planes etc, couple of days on a smaller wall etc.

    He used two bikes one was an Indian Scout which is the bike that is apparently always used on the wall of death and the other one was one that he built himself and said that he felt more comfortable on.

    I guess they have to make it good TV, and his plucky approach is what it is all about, did get annoyed with the presenter desperately trying to build up the tension by trying to make him say how scared he was, and when he wouldn't he moved onto his girlfriend!

  • 'Just a bike racer' Does him a bit of a disservice. He's one of THE fastest pure road racers in the sport. Also still got a load of Ti in his back from breaking it in this crash last year...


  • Aye, sorry, I have a lot of respect for him as a bike racer so didn't mean it that way. Kinda hard to explain how I did mean it. Maybe "just, a bike racer" not "just a bike racer"?

  • I guess they have to make it good TV, and his plucky approach is what it is all about,

    I think this is it.

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Wall of death

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