LIDL bike products, esp. bike stand

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  • does anyone have an opinion on the quality of Lidl bike equipment? they have a bike stand in at the moment for £25 and i want to know if it's worth it.

  • :-S they're just your standard cheap stands. If you didn't get it you wouldn't miss out. loads of similar on ebay for about the same price.

  • I've got the LIDL stand, it's better than having no stand. Does the job, though everything on it only just works.

    Probably worth the £25 price tag.

  • thanks for the input. how much would a decent one cost? seems to be quite a range. tempted by the lidl one for the price, but i've been burned by their cycle equipment before. pretty hit and miss.

  • My lidl stand is still holding up after about 5 years of occasional use and a few house moves. Worth the money as far as I'm concerned.

  • For the amount of use it gets my lidl stand is good enough. Worth the 20 quid I paid

  • What they all said. It's just good enough for occasional maintenance, and also cheap enough that you can use it to hang your bike on while you wash it without worrying about bike gunk going all over it.

  • all good advise, thanks. think i'll get it.

  • I've kept mine out permanently on my balcony for years and use it regularly. Still there and will be used before the weekend. If it broke I wouldn't hesitate getting another. Not that it has broken yet. Best £25 I've ever spent

  • It's better than no bike stand, but there are a few things I find quite annoying about it. The footprint is massive with the legs all the way out and the way the feet flip over is irritating. Even on full extension it only just clears flat pedals so you need quite a big space to open it right out if you're wanting to set your gears up. I don't like the way the main shaft pops out the bottom bit unless you open it carefully - I might bond it in permanently since there's no reason it needs to come out. Now it's getting on a bit it also doesn't clamp up very well.

    It's fine if you're not going to use it much, but I'm thinking of getting a better one.

  • I've got one and it's fine. The bar with the jaws on the end is round so, unless you tighten up the clamp that holds it, it can rotate if your bike isn't balanced. The footprint is pretty large though.

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LIDL bike products, esp. bike stand

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