Moving out of London

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  • Godalming

    If you like riding in Surrey, it's great. The village / town is nice, plenty of local services, bigger towns easy to access and the housing stock is fine. Car culture down that way, obvs.

  • "housing stock" what a phrase.

  • Oh fuck off - I'm trying to be helpful. I've been looking at places to live for months so it's just snuck in my brain.

  • Honestly, if there's something that marks you out as a bit of a cunt, it's picking up on one fucking phrase in a well meaning sentence then making a big deal out of it. Piss off.

  • "bit of a cunt" what a phrase :)

  • I'm in Petersfield - Godalming is a lot quicker into London but has always seemed a bit soulless to me. Liss & Liphook are cheaper than Petersfield but a bit grim (Liss especially so) and only get the slower trains into London.

  • Hey. I don't make the rules, I only live by them.

  • But everyone (who used to work in a central-London office) is gonna work from home forever now

  • so just move to somewhere that's actually proper like st helens or nottingham

  • I want to move 200 metres as the crow flies.

  • Nottingham?
    Honestly. If there's one thing that marks you out as a cunt, it's living in Nottingham.

  • Long Eaton is Nottingham, yeah duck?

  • To clarify: I'm sat on my sofa trying to work and do stuff while listening to Hotel Transylvania 2 (or 3, I can't tell anymore) and my other kid is upstairs moaning about something else.

    @Howard i didn't mean to upset you intentionally. It looks like I have upset you and that bothers me really. (really).

  • It's fucking Derbyshire. Just. Mi duck.
    It has a Nottinghamshire postcode.

    (this is one of those situations where it's spelled

    depending on which end of the A52 you're at)

  • I live around there and absolutely love it. Moved out of London in 2017 and never looked back.

  • in my book (and it's a fucking bestseller) if you don't want to live in london, don't half arse it and move to surrey. i mean, you've got your stockports, your rugbys, your bradfords just crying out for bright sparks like you.

  • Gonna have an HS2 stop in 15 years for all those trips to London no one is going to make anymore, place is on the up and up duck

  • If someone wants to live somewhere really shit I'm selling a house in Telford for less than a london garage

  • the town named after its founder Terry ford

  • some parts of Wigan are haunted so house prices are actually very reasonable. you should do your best to conceal your posh London voices though because they're not daft

  • Like HS2 will ever get built...

  • why dont you sell that look instead?

  • I went to school for a year near there. You'd have to pay me to live there

    Lots of useful comments from everyone, cheers @Chalfie @Howard and trotters.

    I was pushing for around Cheshire but partner is more worried about if she changes jobs getting into London once a week is easier from Goldaming or Liphook than Chester. And I don't fancy living near crewe

  • I don't fancy living near crewe

    i grew up near crewe ama

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Moving out of London

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