Moving out of London

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  • No probs. If you want to head out tomorrow I’m going for a quick spin (easy pace, 1-1.5 hours) late morning if you want to join? I’m in oldfield park too so close by.

    @Alf0nse tell me about it - I think I’ve ridden more in lockdowns because of the virtual club rides as my weekends tend to get stacked up

  • Got heating engineer comming tomorrow so will be prob be waiting all day for him. Have a good one gonna be a cold one ❄️

  • Nice one. I highly recommend a trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island to hang out with bears, otters and whales!

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  • Congratulations! I moved from London to Vancouver 17 years ago and, well, I'm still there. Not sure I have any good moving tips, but feel free to ask if I can help with any local knowledge, and I'm always happy to go hiking in the local mountains.

  • Wow! Congrats. Quite the move. We’ve used Santa Fe relo a twice now for our moves. They were really good, if you can than I’d really recommend not to skimp on this party. Made our moves effortless, no different than packing for on a long holida as they did the rest.

  • As you know I’m happy for you for this move, but I’m not happy about you moving.
    Think you and your husband should visit Wales before you go (you can use the terrain down here as a stepping stone to what you’re moving to). I know Erica would love to see you before you go x

  • Holy fuck!! Ryan and Nik are out there, isn't Ross still there as well? Fantastic news, might come visit... ☺️

    And Julia and Lefty Will are there too!

  • Something like this is a good intro to riding out that way

  • Ah amazing! Whereabouts?

  • Yeah good rec great memories of Tofino and Ucluelet :)

  • Took some students to the gallery a couple of years ago, getting there was quite an effort and they were incredibly snobby...

  • Chesham

    Congrats, I’m just down the road in Tring so when you get settled drop me a note and we can go for a spin. I went to High School in Chesham.

  • @Samuelson Tofino is defo on the list!

    @bootbonnet thanks for the offer, I'll be in touch for sure. Will need a hiking buddy while Jim is being an idiot in the bike 😅 if you've got an in with any landlords, I've heard the rental market can be pretty rough...

    @jaw thanks for the tip. Hoping to not have too much to take with us, but still sorting out so hard to tell right now!

    @furious_tiles dude, as soon as the travel restrictions allow, we'll be with ya! Suspension for the Surly arrived this week, so gotta test it out!

    @>>>>>> are Ryan and Nik in Vancouver? Funny you should mention Ross... he's been a driving force in the move! Been trying to get Jim to work for.him for four years now, and finally convinced us! 😂 Julia and Will are over in Quebec, but I would defo love to visit them at some point.

    @hoefla Vancouver!

  • Vancouver's a big place!
    Got a good mate in East Van, but sounds like you're all set for the welcome party :)

  • Hah, sorry, yeah. We're hoping for somewhere on the North shore eventually, but most likely Burnaby heights or nearby to start with, I'm going to be at BCIT.

    Always down for new buddies!

  • Leeds would be in the mix for me if I was going to do a no-obligations move, great city and easy access to some jaw dropping countryside

  • Good luck on the move to canada @mrs_socks. I can echo what Jaw said about moving companies. Getting a good one takes out a huge amount of stress.

  • Ryan and Nik are indeed in Vancouver, is Ross still building bikes? What a great move this will be for you, screw the UK!!

  • Good luck, Sam and Jim. Our loss, Vancouver's gain. Do stick around on this here forum at least!

    I don't suppose you're moving in a future late enough when we can have a party to see you off?

  • Those 2 are probably the best routes out of Bath, add to that the quiet lanes out the back of Bath Spa Uni

  • I think he's put the frame building on hold for now, but he's got his own shop now and I'm gonna be working for him. How's oz?

  • gonna really miss all the LFGSS folks though

    I think indra is still out there. Somewhere. In a forest. With a truck.

  • He's still in Whistler, scaring the bears

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Moving out of London

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