Moving out of London

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  • You are putting your Chili Jam up for sale online, right? RIGHT??!!?!?!?!

  • I already tried and tested inflatable packaging across country. Don't panic, DON'T PANIC.

  • Haha someone explained FILTH to me last time I was down - that suits me well!

    I may tap you both up when we are looking at houses, we roughly know where we want to be, but always good to hear from people there already!

  • You'll have to re-brand as Lincoln Spark - Firey Chili Jam

  • We did this and ended up letting our London flat while renting a place in Manchester. That gives you time to get a feel for the new area, know what you like/can afford, then do all the buying and selling with less time pressure.

  • I moved to Cardiff just over a week ago, thank you once again to those who shared their experiences and the positive encouragement. The couple of weeks before the move and the first few days here were massively stressful - all of the logistics of packing, moving, assembling furniture etc, and then a fair few unexpected emotional wobbles throughout!

    But it's been great so far. The flat is the nicest place I've ever lived, genuinely pinch myself in the morning as I'm walking through to the spare room/home office space, and the little bit of the area I've explored (when running in the evenings) is lovely. It's also very novel it actually being dark and quiet here in the evenings, genuinely took me a couple of nights to not find the silence a bit unsettling. I got out on the bike at the weekend and it was glorious - it was just a pretty relaxed 20 miles but it was so, so refreshing compared to cycling around/from central London. Within 10 minutes I was out of town, some lovely rolling green hills and air that actually felt like it was cleaning my lungs.

    It's partly down to the place itself, but the change of scenery has really helped me shed some of the negativity that had been weighing me down. Already doing more of the things I enjoy and which are good for me - exercising, cooking properly, working less, sleeping better, and generally just feeling more at ease.


  • 3 cheers etc

  • Nice! Shout if you want cycling tips/routes. If you're west of the river (Canton/Pontcanna/Llandaff) then riding in 'The Vale' is the standard option. Out to the east, Rudry/Machen is all nice lanes too.


  • This is lovely to read

  • Ah any route suggestions would be fantastic, thank you!

    I’m in Pontcanna, I reckon up to about 50 miles is where my fitness is at the moment.

  • Where you off to? My sister moved to pitcombe just outside ‘the place’ Bruton.

    Loves it , frome is really cool too when I went down there

  • This is lovely to read. I went to uni in Cardiff in the late 90s/early 2000s and love the place and its people.

    Amazing parks and a brilliant city in the summer.

    There are great days out along the coast for you to discover.

  • Plus you get to ride that hill, and watch the Lincoln GP when it’s on.

  • We didn’t really ‘get’ Bruton. There’s nothing there apart from closed-down pubs and traffic, and we’ve too much to do for long slow lunches at the chapel.

    frome is really cool too when I went down there


  • Im temporarily out of London atm down Somerset Way Frome is a nice town. Not far from Bath and Bristol and not far from the Mendip Hills too.

  • I had to check yesterday, Frome is on the edge of the Mendips according to Wikipedia

  • I lived in Frome 50 years ago, don't think its changed much

  • I know!!

    I have bought a Lincoln GP cap in anticipation.

  • Cycling around the area a while ago I seem to remember defibrillators in decommissioned red phone boxes in a few villages. And the nice cafe in Mells.

  • The chippy on King St may well be exactly the same, the Lamb and Fountain definitely is.
    Just got to hope we actually manage to buy the place now.

  • Great riding around there, wouldn't surprise me if Woolworths is still there and I recall the cinema used to serve alcohol

  • The chinese take away on Alexandra Road has gone. Best curry sauce ever!!! I may be a bit biased tho. My wife family ran it 😁

  • It's such a nice place to ride great small lannes, cheddar gorge is beautiful and dramatic I hope to get some more rides in down there.

  • I moved out west from London nearly 2 years ago, we settled on Frome because my partner and I wanted to try living in a small town. Frome is lovely, nice shops, pretty streets and prior to lock down a good social scene. but Frome is a town of two halves, the new-comers trying to change and revive what was once a sleepy market town and the people who have lived there forever. those people as you would expect don't like "the out of town folk" (obvs not all of the people). In my experience those people were annoyed we were drinking in their pubs, happy to tell me that ppl like me have raised house prices and kept asking my "foreign Mrs" what's she gonna do after Brexit. we were there a year and we met some great ppl but ultimately we ended up in Bristol which we love.

  • I can understand this. I think Frome suffered a bit as it was in a times list of best place to live in uk about 5 or 6 years ago so there was a rapid influx. There will always be push back to change esp when people pushing for change.

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Moving out of London

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