LFGSS.CC Racing (Road/ Crit)

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  • Lesson learned tonight. If you vomit in the morning, you're probably not well enough to bother with racing.

  • Wondered where you had gone. Unlucky.

  • How'd it go for you?

  • Chillin' til the break went. Then did a big few laps on the front trying to bring it back. Dropped back when it became obvious they were gone. Trying to push for position on the last few laps and ended up coming off onto the grass on the final lap trying to move up. Missed the massive crash on the line so feels like a blessing in disguise.
    Only my third race, so onwards and upwards.

  • Shame about the crash-glad you had a good ride though!
    Your teammate did pretty well.

    @Sumo how was it? Seemed like a fast race acc. MyLaps.
    Dimi placed- right?

  • I came back of the bunch, I was around 5th wheel on the last lap then someone cut me up and I got forced to nearly the back and couldn't get forward again.

    It was a relatively small group but the massive wind meant the pace on the front wasn't too high most of the time, meaning the group was across the whole width of the track making impossible to move up. There wasn't a proper sprint either so no gaps formed for me to go through so I just hung back in case there was another crash on the line.

    There was the odd couple of laps at a decent lick but otherwise the overall pace was almost leisurely, frustrating when I couldn't get to sprint but best to stay safe.

  • Anyone racing tonite at Stratford?

  • Cool, I'll be racing Cat4. Will be wearing HubVelo colours.

  • @croft Islington cc? Cat3?

  • Cat 4. ICC. Name is the same in start list.

  • Sweet see you in there. James.

  • Cant see any HubVelo on the start list. Annoyed that there are 7 riders from Hackney in a field of 47.

  • Anyone at Hog Hill tomo?

  • Getting a bike fit tomorrow, but should be gamed after that with a few more racing/crashing from this year onwards.

  • Anyone attending tonights slick fest at the VP?

  • I've been essentially out of action for an entire year- not training 'properly' because of work.
    Next summer time I swap to a 9-5 placement, so I'm kinda hoping to start some proper training.
    @Sumo @HoKe or anyone else- any experience of AthleteLab? I can't really turbo in our flat due to noise issues- so it will be many laps of regents, much time in the gym and some hopeful CX for the next few months.

  • I think @Sumo and a few of the NLTCMCBC have done this, but I wouldn't mind giving this a go if you need a training partner (though you know me, I'm terrible at distance races)

  • I need help in the sprint. Have none. Whatsoever. Plan is, lots of gym work, lots of intervals.
    And consistency (read- no excuse to miss a session if I'm tired from work)!
    I've signed up- just not tried a session yet- its free to register which is nice.

  • I don't mind helping you with the sprint session, probably could get me off the lazy couch atm from supposedly funemployment.

  • Yeah they support the NLTCBMBC so we've been there a few times for sessions. It's cool because the bikes can be set to your FTP and doing it in a group is much better for motivation than solo turboing. I've always come out of it with properly dead legs so it must work.

    Personally I've been trying to get out on the road more, I was doing turbo sessions 4 times a week before work and a track training session on the weekend. Now I'm doing 2 days a week at Regents or a loop through Hertfordshire + weekend cycling.

  • I'm up for buddying any targeted sessions if you need company, as long as it's not pre-6am…

  • If you don't have a sprint, how much are you going to be able to improve it?

    Perhaps gym work?

  • Doesn't everybody say they don't have a sprint, to surprise those they've fooled?

    I'm sure that's what's going on here. :)

  • Hard fucking graft, I guess.

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LFGSS.CC Racing (Road/ Crit)

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