LFGSS.CC Racing (Road/ Crit)

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  • Today is not going according to plan. Pinch flatted the Talbot.
    Fuckssake. Out.
    Was rushing to get everything sorted post Cannondale issues. Didn't check tube.

  • Full Gas who are running the Wednesday evening league at Lee Valley just sent round an email. The first couple of weeks are warm up races but after that they will have timing chips and be able to do split points, particularly for cat 3's in the 1,2,3 race. So hopefully I will actually be able to get some points now!

  • hmmm... what are the bets for tonight being on?

  • It bloody better be. Rain should stop by 3pm.

  • Curse continues. But this time it was work related. Oh well. Maybe I'll race Sunday.

  • Well I went in to it feeling strong but snapped a cleat and got dropped. It was also miserable and everything got covered in grit but Dimi got 4th so it's not all bad.

  • I'm out for the forseeable future. Shoulder is not great. Bike is not great.
    Fan-fucking-tastic luck this season.

  • Shout out to @Hulsroy for the win in the 4th cats at Lee Valley tonight. Top work. See you in the E/1/2/3!

  • Ta. That was good fun. Congrats with 2nd

  • Well done. Same to you @spj7 , it's always gratifying to make the podium.

  • Nice one Hulsroy. I liked how the cat 1's and 2's were split from the cat 3's last night. It made for a weird race as no one in the cat 3's wanted to be on the front but I ended up with some points.

  • Thank you.
    Looking forward to racing cat 3 with you guys. I am glad we are not racing E12, as my style of riding is staying put in the front part of the pack and unleash on the final stretch. I do not have the energy for break aways or time trialing :-)

    @andyp there was no podium ceremony last night. No chin kissing girls, champagne or money prices. Velopark is a fun and safe circuit, but you do not get much glory for your £14+1 spend.

    But it's all good fun anyway

  • Who do I see on the start list for Wednesday under LFGSS CC? I am the lone ranger from my club.

  • Weather looks pretty shit Wednesday. Did my first CAT 4 last week. Found the pace fine but getting through the pack was impossible and I ended up boxed in unable to getin the mix for the sprint.

  • That happens a lot. Knowing the track helps but there are times when you just can't move up the group. Racing against 30 people is much more fun than racing against 50+

  • Yeah I bet. Wasn't sure if I was being too polite, maybe I should have been a bit more forceful but I was prioritising rideing safe.

  • @sacredhart what kit?
    @croft- probably me.

  • It's nothing worth risking a crash over, I find the easiest is to just overtake the whole group on the back straight. The only time I really have to fight for a place is when trying to keep in the top 5 and there's an overtaking group. Also, try and get near the front before the last 5 laps as it's easier to fight for your place there than try and get to the front while everyone else is in the last 5 laps. You want to be in the top 15 before the final corner and don't be on the right hand side as people tend to take it wide and that's where crashes are. It's often easier to sprint down the middle as gaps form because everyone tried to go around the outside.

  • See you there.

  • Weather depending for me.
    If its nice enough in the morning- I may just go for a ride.
    we'll see. Want to race. cbf getting soaked.

  • Me too, I'll be in the Cat 3 race assuming I can use the brakes on my carbon wheels.

  • Ill be in Islington CC colours. Say hi etc.

  • @sumo cheers for the advice

  • I might give this a shot, but next week when I hope I still have a job and a working bike too!

  • .In. Screw it.

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LFGSS.CC Racing (Road/ Crit)

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