n+Univega or 'Sorting out the Stash'

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  • The Muni-Mula is done. BB height is 20mm lower than his old Frog, which is nice as we struggled to find a seat height fitting to his inseam, while still being able to reach the ground on that one.

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  • That Muni-Mula is rad - I wish my bikes would say “MOUNTAIN Shock” on all of them too

  • I think I’ll soon have some 2.0” kojaks going spare....

  • @Hulsroy I may have missed this but is that a personal rented workshop space or does it belong to your work, etc.?

  • Wrong thread?

    What are we talking about?

    Jesper XT lives in Copenhagen and has a garage in the courtyard of his apartment building

    I live in Aarhus and have a private workshop with three of my friends. We rent a 180sqm building from the municipality.

  • Wrong thread?

    haha jesus yes. trying to build a lego dinosaur with my son, write a blog post for work and lufguss at the same time. however, your answer is spot on, thanks!

  • No worries :)

    Maybe I'll do a little write up and photo walk through of my setup.

  • would be cool. i do love garage/workshop tour videos on YT.

  • Went to the garage today to find there has been a break-in. Caught the guy in the act and got him taken away an hour later.

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  • With that sorted, I started rummaging around for parts for the next project:
    A rattlecanned Merckx. Picked up a cheap, full carbon Corratec fork from CNC with tasteful and discrete graphics. Fork weighs around 335 grams and the frame is around 1700 grams.
    Now trying to figure out if I should put my silver Rival group on it or a Red/Force mix.

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  • Put a Cane Creek SC-1 headset on it. Not really sexy, but will do for now.

  • “Cheap, loud and not so sexy...”

    This is going to be so classy and tasteful. I can just feel it!

    Next stop, spinergy wheels with white spokes 😍

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n+Univega or 'Sorting out the Stash'

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