n+Univega or 'Sorting out the Stash'

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  • I need to sort out my various projects, parts bins and finished bikes. The apartment looks like a mess, the storage room in the attic is cluttered and the garage is filled with all sorts of shit and I need a place to fettle with my motorcycles and my van. So some stuff has to be sold or binned, some projects need to be finished and then I need to finish planning the '+1' from the topic title, which is a steel allroad frame I'm having built by @Hulsroy.
    The current state of affairs:

    Living room parts pile:

    (Someone should finish their shelving project and paint the radiator as well...)

    Bedroom parts pile:


    Didn't get a picture of the storage room in the attic, but imagine a Fuji Track fixed time trial project, a Pinnacle Arkose with faux-wood Deep V rims, a Marin steel mtb and a bunch of rims, wheels and parts piled on top of some furniture and boxes...

  • The actual bikes that need sorting:

    1. Kona Unit: Need three wheels built - SS rear, geared read and a front.
    2. Asmussen Max frame: There's a Rival group with Apex shifters with white paddles somewhere along with a black ITM Eclypse and a random black seatpost, so I guess I'm just missing a 26.0 black compact drop
    3. Merckx: A quite light (1850 grams with a shit powdercoat job) 58 square frame, that's probably going to be paired with a NOS Time Featherlight 1".
    4. Faggin: Again a nice, vintage frame with a horrible, homemade paintjob. @Hulsroy has given me a nice 1" carbon fork with a Faggin pantographed crown, so this will probably get a nice paintjob and the Dura Ace 7600 groupset that is in bedroom pile.
    5. GT Aero Edge: Nice frame with great paint and original forks. Will be sold.
    6. Gold BMX frameset: I've been thinking about making some sort of ridiculous shopper out of it with trispoke and silly bars.
    7. Pompetamine: I've got a nice black Pompetamine standing in the bedroom. Just need to get the brake hoses sorted and then it's ready for some commuting. There's a Wald basket for it as well somewhere.
    8. GT Pantera AL: My current beater. Need to pick it up from a friends house, where I left it when I went to the A&E to get my broken jaw and concussion sorted. Might need a few tweaks after that tumble. Watch out for runners...
    9. Marin Muirwood: Wanted to convert it to 20" front with a huge rack, but that's not gong to happen anytime soon. Will strip it fully and store it for future use.
    10. Pinnacle Arkose: Has a Rotor/Raceface narrowwide setup with hydraulic Rival brakes. Most of the parts will go on the new fram I'm having built, so this will get a 1x10 Force group with Spyres.
    11. Fuji Track: Wanted to build a fixed tt bike. Am not going to ride a fixed tt bike. Will be stripped and sold.
    12. Bellabike cargo bike: It's missing wheels and the rear fork. Needs to go.
    13. Bianchi: Slightly ratty Bianchi frame, with a nice and sparkly red paintjob. Need to find a matching fork and the build it and sell it.
    14. Dolan Pre Cursa: Going on a long term loan to @Hulsroy in London. He'll get some parts as well and might have it painted at some point.

    More stuff might appear as the sorting goes on...

  • Healthy stash you have there! are you considering selling the merck x?

  • Yes. The Asmussen and the Faggin should cover my vintage steel needs. I'll take some photos of all the frames, when I go to the garage next time.

  • ok, i'm interested... Please drop me a pm whenever you get round to taking pics! Thanks :)

  • To get the projects rolling, one needs wheels. And after a quick rummage through some boxes, this lot turned up:

    I had a spreadsheet with hubs and rims listed and spokes were ordered last week, so now I just need to order a few more rims and dig out the ones stashed in the garage.
    Combinations will be:
    Novatec road - DT R 460
    On One track - Rodi VR17
    Ultegra - Mavic A319
    Novatec disc rear - Mavic XM319
    Formula SS disc rear - Mavic XM319

    All will use DT Competition spokes and brass nipples. The A319's are on their way from Germany and the DT R 460's haven't been ordered yet.

  • Much wow!

    Glad to see some cleaning action.

  • I like the mini 3 spoke!

  • Ye gads, and I thought my stash was getting a bit out of hand!

  • I haven't included the pile in the basement at work :/

  • I think I'll make a 20" disc for the rear of the BMX to match the trispoke

  • Size of the arkose?

  • XL, but not for sale (yet)

  • shame you're not selling the novatec disk rear.. nice stash btw. and i thought i had a mess in the flat..

  • I just need to order a few more rims and dig out the ones stashed in the garage.

    I have a pair of 32h Stans Flow EX, if you're interested? I decided to try something wider.

    Also, thanks for making me feel better about the current state of my shed :-)

  • Dibs on the garage painting if you ever decide to sell

  • Painter is family. Motif is where I currently work. Not going for sale ;)

  • it looks like a novatec d042 hub. Cheap if you can wait a month:
    Aliexpress link

  • I was looking for one of those for my shopper build. If the BMX thing doesn't work out, do let me know.

  • Some of the forks surfaced yesterday:
    NOS Time Featherlight which will probably go on the Merckx frame (that I still have to dig out):

    The nice Faggin 1" for the Faggin frame:

    I know I have a full carbon Focus fork, that I was planning on lending @Hulsroy along with my Pre Cursa, but it didn't turn up yet. It'll probably show up the day after I ship out the other stuff for him...
    What did turn up was an Ultegra 6600 group, a 105 5500 group, a Dura Ace 7700 group, a random Campa group, 4 Rolls saddles, a Turbo saddle, a nice Controltech 1" Ahead stem in 130mm and a bunch of small, random bits including a nice DMR disc ss hub:

    So plenty of stuff to dress up the various frames.
    Pulled this one down from the wall as well:

    Just needs a wet cloth and some sunshine to bring out the chameleon paint.
    There's a big bike fleamarket on monday here in Copenhagen, were I hope to shift a lot of the stuff that's no longer needed.

    @Aroogah: I've sent you a pm regarding the trispoke.

  • That GT looks like an absolute weapon!

  • Hmm, maybe I could convert the GT to track dropouts?

  •  Lol. I'll do it
  • is that "GT Edge Aero remix" I hear coming?

    edit: if you are selling, I would be interested, just to be able to compare with the monstrosity I have tried to create (don't worry... it's still coming!)

  • It might be ;) Or I'll pass the frame on to someone who will make the attempt...

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n+Univega or 'Sorting out the Stash'

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