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  • Anyone got a small auto film camera in good condition? Something rangefinder-esque but definitely auto. A gift to get someone into film

  • Does this have the snap focus thing like on the latest one?

  • I have no idea what the snap focus thing is? I've had two of these, one I dropped and the lens is fucked, and this one was brought as a replacement for that. It's at least 4yrs old, probably older...

  • Yeah the GRD 2 has snap focus. It still had the small sensor but was cool and had an f1.8 lens IIRC.

    (the GR 2 is the current model, which this isn’t, this one is from about 2007ish)

  • what's a good entry level rangefinder that won't brake the bank? (ie. 2 digits max)

  • Olympus SP/RC/RD
    Yashica Electro 35

  • Olympus S and LC are good too.

    Cheap and a strong/more-reliable than most later cameras ... and manual (if you’re into that).

  • +1 for the yashica electro.
    Also the canon canonet ql range are OK - very neat and compact

    Worth considering soviet too if you're happy with manual... I had a Kiev that took super photos I just found the controls too intricate (I'm a fat fingered twat).
    Both my brothers use FED or Zorki or something from the Leica root and seem to get decent results

  • Anyone got a Fuji XF 27mm they want to sell me?


    I saw this and its perfect combo for cycling

  • If anyone's interested I have a 120 (6x6) zone focus agfa (isola 1) - yours for a tenner posted....
    If you've always fancied a holga but don't want to look like a dick it might be the camera for you­92/#comment13993218

  • Do have an original Nikon HB-47 hood (for AF Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 D G) - this one in pretty nice condition.

    Asking for £20 (and I'll donate £10 of this to the forum) including insured shipping from Germany

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  • I thought this was only for the G versions? Otherwise, I'd have taken it. GLWS

  • You are right, it is for the 1:1.4G - I just copied from the amazon link given above without thinking.
    Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Anyone have a Zeiss 28/2.8 or 85/2.8 with a Contax mount? Cheers.

  • Anyone want a Nikon MB-D10 for £40? Works with the D300 and D700

    It's got some marks on the bottom from tripods but otherwise it's good.

  • i have a few field recording items if anybody interested
    1 x rode video mic £60.00 ono
    1 x rode lav plus mic (never used) £40.00 ono
    1 x tascam dr60 mk2 (never used) £140.00 ono
    1 x Sigma 15 - 30 mm (canon fit)£180.00 ono

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  • Selling a Zeiss Contax 35/2.8 if that's any good?

  • I have the following for sale, price negotiable, let me know if you are interested:

    1. Mamiya 7ii Body
    2. Leica M2 "KS15-4" modified US Navy Vietnam dversion - basically a M2 with M4 internals
    3. Leica R6 Body, with 35mm 2.8 Elmarit, 60mm 2.8 Macro Elmarit, 135mm Tele
    4. Contax Aria Body, with 35mm 2.8 Contax, 50mm 1.4 Yashica

  • How much for the Mamiya?

  • sent you a PM

  • Also interested in the Mamiya

  • I miss the Mamiya :(

  • Looking for a lens for a canon Eos 10, preferably something around 50mm and around ~£80 or so - does anyone have something that would fit the bill?
    Or anything else interesting and compatible?

  • Looking for a Nikon 10-24 for my d7000

    Anyone got one surplus?

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Photography gear buy/sell

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