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  • Optoma HD141X Projector with wall mount £100

    Tempted by this - is that a ceiling mount or can it swivel up or something?

  • How much do you want for the 18mm?

  • Both. It’s a universal projector mount that I’ve attached to a mini shelf, both removable. So you should be able to mount anywhere.

  • £650

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  • That'd be awesome, thanks. Let me know if you have the original one too.

  • Will sort pics and details and PM later

    Edit: have now PMed (Tues afternoon)

  • .

  • How have you found it?

  • Im thinking of selling some cameras, I don't think I'll be shooting film again with how costs are going, and I gather Fuji cameras are suddenly very sought after. What would be a reasonable price to sell these for?

    • Fuji Gw690ii
    • Bronica SQ-A, recently serviced. Includes speedgrip, 40mm, 80mm, and 150mm lenses, metered prism.
    • Om4Ti, black. Recently fully refurbished with new electronics. 50 and 28mm lenses.
    • Fuji X100T, black. Shutter count is around 14,000 (I think)
  • Fuji x100 stuff seems wild with pricing, I expect you'd get circa £450+ with trade (mpb) who knows with eBay probably £650ish+. They (mpb) paid £735 for my daughters x100f and listed it at £1019, its no longer there, so I assume it sold.

  • I shoot OMs a bit and have (for a long-while) fancied trying a Fuji GW so have been paying attention to those.

    Fuji Gw690ii – £550-750
    Om4Ti, black, 50 and 28mm lenses – £275-350 (assuming the lenses are the f1.4/1.8 and f2.8/3.5 and not the faster variants).

    eBay or dealer prices may be a bit higher.

  • Selling my 50 Summicron DR, £800

    One mark to the coating on the front element that doesn’t effect photos but otherwise very clean!

    Goggles included and also clean

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  • Hello everyone, I'm looking at trimming my camera collection.

    Silver Lecia M4 with 50mm both just fully serviced by cameraworks, a well regarded UK Leica specialist.

    Mamiya 645 with metered prism, 90degree finder, 55mm and 80mm F2.8 lenses.

    Photos and prices to follow but just gauging interest.

  • I'll give you £50 for the Leica and throw in 2 tickets to the film of your choice (matinee showings only).

  • Anyone have a four thirds (not micro) pancake lens that they want to sell?

  • I do, I think. I'll check for you tomorrow

  • @eskay I found these two, but not the pancake.

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  • I have this 20mm.

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  • .

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  • Thanks for looking, I appreciate that. I have a macro was after and have a similar lens to the 14-45.

  • PM'd you about this but can see you've not been on the forum much lately!

  • For Sale: Mamiya 645 Pro TL in mint condition

    Barely used in my ownership. All lenses clear of fungus (just dust in pictures) and all parts working well. Slightly stiff film winder but could be that I'm just used to my Olympic 35mm kit.

    2x backs (both with film carriers)
    Spare film carrier
    Untested power winder
    Prism finder
    Waist viewfinder
    80mm F2.8
    150mm F3.5

    All original boxes apart from 150mm F3.5

    Additional pictures here


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  • In the past 18 months since the x100v "street photography" influencers on IG/ tiktok "discovered" fuji cameras so they've abandoned Sony for now and are all shooting/ showcasing the x100f pushing its price to £1500+ which in turn whacked the price of used x100f to 700+ .. i see few go for 1000/1200 it's insane. i could get an x100f in early 2021 for like £400/500

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Photography gear buy/sell

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